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The Biggest Mobile Networks in Estonia

March 31, 2021
Face the facts: not buying a local SIM card when you're staying in a different country is foolish. There are only so many wifi hotspots in the city you're in that you can go to in order to go online. At some point, hopping from one spot to another will tire you out and cost you money. You wouldn't want that, would you? Of course, not! Especially not here in Estonia! That's why it's better to join a mobile network here! Whether you're visiting for a few weeks or you've moved here entirely, this is always the smarter way to go!
The Biggest Mobile Networks in Estonia


There are about three big local mobile networks operating in Estonia today. One of them is Telia. Founded in 1853, it's one of the oldest companies still working in the country right now. And though it didn't start as a mobile network, over the years, it eventually became one of the biggest in Estonia. As of today, this network has 17 million mobile subscribers, 2.9 million broadcast subscribers, and working on 3.2 million subscriptions. Those alone should tell you how big this company is! So whether you need a local SIM card for work or to connect with your friends and family abroad, subscribing to Telia is a wise choice!


Nowadays, mobile networks are amping up their packages, inserting all sorts of freebies and whatnot in plans to really entice people to subscribe to them. If all of this razzle-dazzle is part of what you want in a mobile plan, look no further than Tele2! From awesome data services to free streaming rewards, you not only get a local SIM card from this network but a whole lot more too! They even offer 5G data too, ensuring that you get the best data coverage no matter where you are in the country and even beyond!


More often than not, a disqualifying element when choosing a mobile network to join is how much it'll cost you. Sure, a plan can have all the freebies and rewards you want, but if you'll need to pay a lot to keep it going every month, you'll find yourself at the shorter end of the deal. You wouldn't want that, right? If not, you can always join Elisa! Argubaly Estonia's most well-priced mobile network, they have a variety of plans and packages for as low as €5.00 to €6.00! Not such a bad deal, right?

The Biggest Mobile Networks in Estonia

When you get to Estonia, you'd be wise to join any of the country's biggest mobile networks to help you get started. It's the only way to really start a new, hassle-free life here with all sorts of conveniences!