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The Basics of The Job Market in Estonia

March 31, 2021
Work—everybody does them, everybody needs them! It's only through working will you be able to earn enough to make a living, right? As well as travel the world when you've earned enough for it. But before you dabble into getting work, especially in a country like Estonia, you might want to get to know about its job market first. What are the jobs available here? How do you know you can find work in the country? How do you get hired for the right job? These are questions that are probably in your mind right now, right? Well, let this basic info help you answer them!
The Basics of The Job Market in Estonia

The Unemployment Rate in Estonia Now

A good way to determine just how well a country's job market is doing nowadays is to see its current unemployment rare. After all, when a place has so many people without jobs, that really doesn't bode well, doesn't it? Since it hasn't even been the first quarter of 2021 yet, you have to look back at 2020 to know Estonia's current rate. During the 4th quarter of that year, the unemployment rate was 7.4% which is not bad but could be better. Pair that with an unemployment rate of 66.3% and you can probably already tell that Estonia's job market wasn't in shambles at the time.

Estonia's Best Job Opportunities

With that said, what are the job opportunities like here in Estonia? Unbeknownst to many but this relatively underrated country is actually one of the leading nations when it comes to the digital landscape. It's because of that the most of the best and most available job opportunities are in Information Technology (IT) and electronics. From IT specialists to electrical engineers, these sorts of positions are the most in-demand in Estonia nowadays. After that, the food industry is also thriving as well as various sectors in the business world. Not to mention the need for healthcare workers and medical professionals as well.

The Basics of The Job Market in Estonia

The Digital Landscape in Estonia

It might interest you to know that the digital landscape in Estonia touches on more parts of the county's job market than you might think. For one thing, tech startups are practically dominating Estonia nowadays, creating more jobs for people to apply and work for. Working for these relatively small businesses has even become popular entry-level positions, particularly among the youth. Moreover, online banking has become the norm here in Estonia. So much so that bankers who have ample knowledge of technology and digital platforms have a better chance at advancing their financial careers than any other.

The Average Salaries in Estonia

Now, let's talk about salaries. For now, the average monthly salary in Estonia is €1,448.00. In Tallinn, the capital and the most populous city in the country, the average monthly salary of workers here is roughly €1,150.00. Though these figures don't exactly convey that the worker is well-off, they're enough to enable them to maintain standard middle-class lifestyles and allow them to save some substantial money as well. At the same time, €584.00 is the minimum monthly salary an average worker can earn in the country. Do note that all of these salary figures are still subject to chance due to taxation!

The Basics of The Job Market in Estonia

The State of Estonia's Workforce Today

A country's workforce is what can make or break its job market. Fortunately for Estonia, it has a highly-skilled workforce at the moment. Enough to help it ranked 15th on human capital potential maximization throughout the world. It helps that around 86% of working adults in Estonia today are able to speak at least one foreign language, allowing for international companies and foreign workers to dip their toes in the job market. Furthermore, labor legislation by the national government has remained beneficial for the workers so far. Employees have less to complain about here in Estonia than in other countries.

How To Get Work in Estonia

There are many ways people can get a job in Estonia. It ranges from traditional means, such as proactively applying to a company yourself or reading the classified in newspapers to going online on job-seeking websites. The latter is even slowly becoming the norm among Estonia's workforce nowadays. There's also enlisting the help of a recruitment agency, a process that remains popular among workers in Estonia today. Over the years, all of these methods have proven effective and efficient. Pair that with the commonly straightforward hiring processes among Estonian companies and it's no wonder the country's unemployment rate is as low as it is right now!

The Basics of The Job Market in Estonia

Want to work in Estonia? Get to know its job market first? You'd be surprised by how much you can find out about working in this country if you do. Who knows? You might even find out something good careerwise when you look at it more closely!