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How Mexico Celebrates Easter Sunday

March 31, 2021
Mexico is, without a doubt, one of the most religious countries in the world. Devoted to the Roman Catholic church, the faith has long influenced the country's culture and heritage, even to this very day. This is why, compared to many countries in the West, Mexico remains one of the more conservative. And among the many holidays in the country, Easter Sunday is one of the most hotly-anticipated here. Mexico celebrates it like no other country does, putting forth its own traditions to commemorate this solemn occasion. If you're ever here during Easter Sunday, here's what you expect!
How Mexico Celebrates Easter Sunday

Don't Forget To Hear Mass

Of course, one of, if not the most important part of Mexico's Easter Sunday is the Holy Mass. Since the country is devoutly Catholic, masses are heard every single day except on two days: Good Friday (Viernes Santo) and Holy Saturday (Sabado de Gloria). But come Domingo de Pascua (Easter Sunday), as early as the sunrise, churches are ringing their bells and people are dressing up and preparing to go there. It's a whole family affair that those who believe in the Catholic faith (with some who don't too!) take part in during this solemn day!

Indulge In Some Antojitos

You know it's a special Mexican holiday when there's traditional food involved! After mass, people go straight home and enjoy some delicious antojitos! In English, this is referred to as a 'street snack.' Thin flavorful chilaquiles served with spicy salsa lightened with slices of avocado. Big and fat empanadas filled with all chorizo, shrimp, and more. Creamy quesadillas make for great palette cleansers, especially when the other snacks get a little too much. At the end of the day, you have no choice but to loosen your pants because, highly likely, you ate too much!

How Mexico Celebrates Easter Sunday

Enjoy Some Seafood

Speaking go food, Easter Sunday, uniquely enough, brings about more seafood on Mexican tables than any other day in spring. Mexican cuisine is known for its many meaty dishes and delicacies, but during Easter, it's the crustaceans, the prawns, and the shellfish that dominate the menu. More often than not, since abstinence against meat during the Lenten Season is encouraged by the Catholic church, all of this seafood are most likely leftovers from all of what Mexicans have been eating throughout the 40 days. So apart from the meaty menu of antojitos, indulge in some seafood goodness during Easter Sunday too!

Get Some Ice Cream On The Street

Now, let's talk sweets! Since Mexico doesn't recognize the Easter Bunny as having any important role during this solemn day, chocolates and candies are rarely the main desserts during the Easter Sunday feast. Adults still give them to kids during this day, mostly as treats and rewards for their good behavior during Sunday mass. But for the most part, since springtime in Mexico means the temperature is rising again, ice cream is the most in-demand treat at the dinner table. You'll also find streets filled with walking ice cream vendors shouting at families to come get some while they're still cold and frozen!

Head To The Beach

Finally, you should know that during Semana Santa (Holy Week), classes throughout all of the schools in Mexico are off. In fact, Holy Week practically serves as the country's own spring break. So expect the beaches in the country, from Cancun to Puerto Vallarta, filled with locals relaxing, taking a load off, and having a good time. They will be there in the afternoon, right after they've heard Sunday mass and enjoyed their traditional Mexican Easter feasts. So if you think that since Easter Sunday is a holiday in Mexico that it'd be a great day to go to the beach, you're mistaken. This day often sees shorelines packed with people throughout the country!

How Mexico Celebrates Easter Sunday

Celebrating Easter Sunday in Mexico is, perhaps, one of the most unique things you'll ever get to do here in this country. The way they do it is unlike any other, filled with traditions, great food, and a whole lot of sunshine to boot!

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