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Alicante's Most Prominent Hospitals & Clinics

March 12, 2021
Just because Alicante isn't as well-known a city as others in Spain, that doesn't mean it's not good to stay here. At the very least, no matter what happens to you, you'll be well-taken-care-of here. That's thanks, in large part, to the many hospitals, medical centers, and clinics in the city. Granted they're not the most renowned institutions in the world, let alone the country, but rest assured when it comes to treating patients and taking care of everyone, they do the job right! Specifically, here are some of Alicante's most prominent hospitals and clinics.
Alicante's Most Prominent Hospitals & Clinics

Hospital Alicante

Let's start with the hospital named after the city, Hospital Alicante. The central healthcare facility in the city, they provide everything a patient needs to recover, no matter what type of treatment they need. And since it's a public hospital, this is also the best place to gain access to Spain's healthcare system in Alicante. Even if you only got the public option, rest assured, all the benefits that come with getting a plan will be accessible in this hospital. So in terms of your medical costs, as long as you're covered, you've got nothing to worry about here!

Hospital General Universitario

Don't think that just because this place is a university hospital, Hospital General Universitario is any less of a healthcare institution than the others. On the contrary, you won't just get a staff of health professionals and experts here, but also some of the top medical students in the city. And no matter what your illness, ailment, or health problem is, there's nothing wrong with having a few extra hands to help in your treatment, right? Notably, the hospital's oncology department is one of the best of its kind in the country. Cancer patients staying in Alicante will definitely get treated properly here!

Alicante's Most Prominent Hospitals & Clinics

Hospital del Vinalopó

Cleanliness, friendliness, and its central location. These are just some of what makes Hospital del Vinalopo one of the best in Alicante. Located along Carrer Tonico Sansano Mora, you can easily get to this place no matter which part of the city you're coming from or which public transport system you're on. It's particularly handy when it comes to medical emergencies. And when you get inside, you won't help but notice just how clean and sanitized it is, even more so than some of the other medical centers on this list. Packed with a friendly staff, it's no wonder Hospital del Vinalopo is so popular in the city.

HLA Vistahermosa

Established in 1983, UR HLA Vistahermosa has been one of the finest hospitals, focused on reproduction, in Alicante and the whole of Spain. Those who want to start their own families will want to visit it no matter what. Above all else, this medical center promotes and encourages all sorts of methods and ways to get pregnant, ranging from artificial insemination to IVF. And it doesn't stop there too! This private hospital also has one of the finest maternity wards in Alicante. Expecting mothers will have safer, more relaxed, and healthier deliveries here than anywhere else!

Alicante's Most Prominent Hospitals & Clinics


With only 14 operating rooms, 120 beds, and 95 consultation rooms, Medimar is one of the smaller medical centers on this list. But despite that, it also remains one of the state-of-the-heart hospitals in Alicante. What it lacks in overall size it makes up for in modern medical equipment, fine wards, and sanitized facilities. It's no wonder a few of their specialties include cardiology, oncology, and pediatrics. Fields of medicine that require extensive care and complex operations. This hospital has all the necessary tools, space, and expertise to ensure that anyone they treat will recover 100%!

Medical Care Spain

Now for a place that offers treatments and services that, though not as important or as complex as the other hospitals, are still important nonetheless. It's Medical Care Spain. Despite its rather imposing-sounding name, this place actually specializes in aesthetic medicine, mainly dental care and plastic surgery. Any physical changes you need/want done on your body, this place will ensure that you get them done properly, safely, and without dangering your health at all. Of course, their dental care is the most important, treating hundreds, at times even thousands, of patients regularly.

Alicante's Most Prominent Hospitals & Clinics

Don't think that just because Alicante is not that popular a place outside of Spain that it lacks anything of what's needed in a proper city. Any of these prominent hospitals and other respectable medical centers will prove otherwise!

Getting a luxury home in Alicante will better help you stay safe and healthy so that you won't need to go to any of these hospitals in the city!