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The Most Notable International Schools in Ibiza

March 11, 2021
School is probably the farthest thing on your mind when you go to Ibiza, isn't it? Some people—younger people!—go to this island to intentionally forget about their school life in their own hometowns and native countries. Nevertheless, Ibiza remains a city where people live out their daily lives, not just party all night until the break of dawn. And if you're moving here with your kids to live a normal life, you'd want them to continue their studies, wouldn't you? Of course, you do! For that, these are the best international schools to enroll your children in!
The Most Notable International Schools in Ibiza

Morna International College

Despite the 'College' in the name, Morna International College isn't just for college-age students. It's also a primary and high school alongside its higher education. Following the UK National Curriculum, it's a place where scholars can and have to work hard to stay on top of their studies. Even with its fostered carefree and open environment, Morna International College puts a heavy emphasis on students’ academics, helping them reach greater heights and achieve their scholastic goals. Before long, they'll eventually become the next movers and shakers of this world.

Colegio Mestral

Yet another 'college' on the island of Ibiza, Colegio Mestra also offers high-quality education for all ages. And since it's associated with Cambridge Assessment English, you can bet that the students who graduate here can someday get into the University of Cambridge, one of London's top universities and regarded as the finest educational institution in the world. That alone should tell you just how prominent and well-respected this Ibiza school is. Nevertheless, extracurricular activities, particularly with an interest in technology and robotics, are highly encouraged in this school. It's a good balance of academics, athletics, arts, and more that can help children become well-rounded as they grow up!

Lycée Français International d'Ibiza

Don't think that the British are the only ones who've established their own schools in Ibiza! There's also Lycée Français International d'Ibiza, the premier French school on the island. With its association with the Agency for French Education Abroad, this is the best school for kids who want to get French education. And it's not just the language that they teach here! Students who enroll in this school get to have the same education as the finest educational institutions in Paris, the capital city of France. From history to the sciences, it's as if the kids studied in France themselves!

The Most Notable International Schools in Ibiza

Beyond the nightlife scene of Ibiza, the city also has its own respectable and reputable educational institutions where children can further their studies and even reach greater scholastic heights! These are the fine international schools that will help with that!

Getting a luxury home in Ibiza will help make your kids more comfortable here as they continue their studies in any of these exceptional international schools!





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