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The Finest Hospitals & Clinics in Ibiza

March 10, 2021
Ibiza isn't all just fun and games. Yes, it's practically the party capital of the world but it's still a standard city with all the necessities you'd find in one. Including some great hospitals. With an island as wild as this one, of course, you'll need a few medical centers to keep everyone's health in check. Not to mention treat their injuries when the good times become a little too good for comfort. But which ones on the island should you know? Which hospitals and clinics are worth your time and money? Here are some you should know about!
The Finest Hospitals & Clinics in Ibiza

Centro Médico Polivalente Siesta

You can probably already tell by its name that Centro Médico Polivalente Siesta is the central medical center in Ibiza. It's where you get the best Spanish healthcare no matter the type of your coverage. But most importantly, it's also the most efficient urgent care center on the island. As already mentioned, Ibiza is a place where people tend to get too wild for their own good. And when that gets them into trouble, Centro Médico Polivalente Siesta is the hospital to rush the patient to. From their expert staff to well-equipped facilities, this medical center is ready for anything at any time!

Ibiza Medical Centre

Another go-to hospital on the island is Ibiza Medical Center. Open 24/7, one of the most accessible institutions on this list. If you suddenly feel bad and need to get checked out, as long as you have the right health coverage, you can set an appointment no matter what time or date it is. Moreover, the hospital boasts a staff of well-trained professionals to help you sort out all your health problems. So no matter what it is that pains you, more often than not, you can get the proper treatment and care here at Ibiza Medical Center.

The Finest Hospitals & Clinics in Ibiza

Hospital Can Misses

Located along Carrer de Corona, Hospital Can Misses is easy to get to via public transport. That alone is reason enough to put your trust in this institution. At the very least, no matter where you are, if you can't get a hold of an ambulance, you can still easily get to this hospital. It also helps that it's exceptionally well-equipped, packed with the latest technology in modern medicine. This helps their pediatrics department, maternity wards, urgent care facilities, and more. Because of this, you can assure that the care you receive here is truly top-notch!

Clinica Del Rosario

Clinica Del Rosario isn't exactly just one place in Ibiza, but rather it consists of 40 different clinics on the island. Throughout the many districts of Ibiza, there's a good chance you'll find a Clinica Del Rosario facility there. And it's that type of public access that's more than needed in a city like Ibiza. Satisfied, well-equipped, and definitely comfortable, just about anybody will instantly feel safe, secure, and comfortable in the clinic. Moreover, beyond just being an ordinary clinic, it's also a fitness center where patients can rehabilitate properly and fitness junkies can exercise to their hearts' content.

Moss Clinic Ibiza

Another clinic that made its way on this list is Moss Clinic Ibiza. Founded by Dr. Moshgan Mahrani, her motto is 'The best version of you.' From this alone, you can probably already tell what kind of health institution this clinic is. One of, if not the most prominent aesthetics clinic in Ibiza, this is where people go to when they want to improve their physical appearance. And in a place like Ibiza where appearance is practically everything, this has helped Moss Clinic Ibiza to become a major hotspot on the island.

The Finest Hospitals & Clinics in Ibiza

Since Ibiza is famous for its nightlife scene, the hospitals on this island have their work cut out for them! Fortunately, they're able to provide the proper care and treatments to all sorts of health problems that may come their way!

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