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The Best Places To Get Coffee in Girona

March 03, 2021
The city of Girona is like a cup of coffee. There's a little bit of bitterness, a little bit of sweetness, but once you get used to it, it will open your eyes. All the bitterness of the past are laid out in this walled city that looks like it never changed from decades and centuries ago. The sweetness of the Mediterranean air makes Girona a proper place for rest and relaxation. And all you have to do is open your eyes to enjoy it all. But when it comes to enjoying coffee, however, these hotspots are the ones to go to!
The Best Places To Get Coffee in Girona

La Fabrica

Don't get confused with all the bikes and cycling gear decorating the cafe. La Fabrica isn't a bike shop nor is it a rental service. It's one of the trendiest cafes in the entire city of Girona. It's just that it was founded by former professional cyclist Christian Meier that it sports such memorabilia inside. Nevertheless, people go here for organic coffee that's both healthy and will give you the caffeine punch you need! Not to mention the beautiful alfresco setup. Who won't want to sip coffee as they take in the fresh Mediterranean air in Girona? That's the way the Spanish do it anyway!

Espresso Mafia

‘Life is too short for bad coffee’. That is the slogan that the Espresso Mafia lives by! Also founded and run by Christian Meier, this is yet another coffee shop that focuses on organic coffee and other healthy caffeine options. It's just a little more international than La Fabrica as the beans here are sourced from all over the world. From Colombia to Ghana to Indonesia, getting coffee is like taking a trip to some of the most exotic places in the world. Notably, however, the place also specialized in on-the-go coffee, one of the rare shops to do so as drinking coffee on-the-go is taboo in Spain.

The Best Places To Get Coffee in Girona

Context Llibreria Café

Not only can you drink up some hot and delicious coffee at Context Llibreria Café, but you can also do it while reading your favorite novel too! You can probably compare this place to the library bars in Londonand the like! Ironically enough, during the day, this place is often one of the quieter coffee shops in the city. Customers who frequently go here follow the unspoken rule of keeping the noise down to the bare minimum so as to keep up the library-esque motif. But when the sun goes down, the place transforms into a lively bar with live music and wine! What's not to love?

Federal Café

Up for some brunch? Go to Federal Café! It's a New Zealand-style place that's perfect for indulging in some great coffee and delicious sweets. As the Oceanic country does specialize in coffee beans, the coffee here is excellent! There's an organic feel to it but also a diluted taste that helps make it more palatable for various tastes. As for the sweets? Australian pastries reign supreme here. You'll get to taste a few of the desserts they delight in from Down Under. How's that for unique? You really won't find a place like this anywhere else in Girona!

Lapsus Café

If you want to spend your day in Girona watching people in Plaça de la Independència, go to Lapsus Café! Located right smack in one of the arcades that surround the iconic town square, the alfresco coffee shop puts you in the center of local life in the city. With each and every sip, you get a glimpse of what living in Girona is like. That is if you're not distracted by how amazing the coffee is here. Brewed and roasted to top perfection, the coffee here will give you a jolt of energy unlike any other!

The Best Places To Get Coffee in Girona

Even though Girona isn't famous for its café society, the coffee shops here are still worth getting into! Ranging from exotic beans from around the world to delicious desserts to go with them, you'll enjoy your coffee in any or all of these places!