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The Safest Girona Hospitals To Visit

February 26, 2021
Think about all the famous hospitals around the world and you probably won't think of the city of Girona. This small but beautiful city in Catalonia isn't exactly known for its medical centers anyways. But that doesn't mean there aren't any here that can ensure your well-being! After all, Spain is a top medical tourist destination in the world. So many patients go here to get treated, to advance their recovery, or to simply recuperate after finally getting cured. Who knows? It's possible some of those patients will go to any of these amazing hospitals in Girona!
The Safest Girona Hospitals To Visit

Hospital Universitari de Girona Doctor Josep Trueta

The University of Girona is one of the finest schools in the city with a fine medical school to boot. So it makes sense that its affiliated hospital, Hospital Universitari de Girona Doctor Josep Trueta, is also one of the best in Girona. With a variety of specialties under its belt, ranging from cardiology and pediatrics to even dermatology and plastic surgery, it's become the go-to health facility for many people in the city. And just because it's a teaching hospital that doesn't mean its staff, and the students taking residence here, are any less capable of treating all sort of patients.

Hospital de Palamos

One of the leading providers of Spanish healthcare in Girona, it's no wonder Hospital de Palamos is well-respected among the people in the city. Like Hospital Universitari de Girona Doctor Josep Trueta, this place is also a teaching hospital as well as a research facility. It's likely that they're at the cusp of all sorts of discoveries that can help advance the medical world. But at its core, it remains a trustworthy institution intent on helping patients with their health problems. Though they don't have specific specialties, they still excel in treating all sorts of illnesses and ailments.

The Safest Girona Hospitals To Visit

Clinica de Girona

All throughout the many neighborhoods of Girona, there are clinics established to answer any medical emergency nearby. They're not exactly big facilities that can serve thousands of patients, but there are a lot of them in Girona. And for the most part, that's more than enough. At the very least, these clinics can entertain any injury, accident, and other health problems that may come their way. And since the staff here are more than prepared (and well equipped) to tend to all sorts of emergencies, the people of Girona can rest easy for another day!

Clinica Bofill

Speaking of clinics, Clinica Bofill is another medical center in Girona that people should know about. It's arguably the cleanest among all the health institutions on this list. That alone should be reason enough to consider getting checked or even having your treatment here. It also helps that this place is, perhaps, the finest children's health facility in Girona. Most of their specialties relate to kids, not the least of which are pediatrics, children's digestive system, and an exceptional maternity ward. From infancy to young adulthood, kids can grow up healthy and happy with the help of this fine clinic!

Gabinet Mèdic Girona

'A New Concept of Health' is what you'll read on this hospital's official website. And they couldn't have come up with a more appropriate tagline! With a special focus on physiotherapy, this health facility in Girona is all about the physical well-being of patients. It's not that they work hard to heal people's health problems away, it's also that they instill a healthy sense of self-care so that such illnesses and ailments won't return. At the same time, their maternity ward is one of the best in the city, ensuring that all the expecting mothers of Girona will give safely give birth to happy and healthy babies.

The Safest Girona Hospitals To Visit

Girona may not be the safest city in the world, but rest assured, you can remain healthy and happy here! That's thanks, in large part, to a number of fine hospitals, clinics, and medical centers that strive to protect the well-being of the people here.