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San Sebastian's Crime Rate: What To Know

February 24, 2021
Face the facts: there's no such thing as a place with no danger at all. Even if a city has the most capable police force, it's likely that some people still commit crimes there. Unfortunately, the reality is that the more popular and the more attractive a destination is, the likelier it's more dangerous there. It rings true for Paris, London, New York, and more. Fortunately, however, that's not always the case. There are some places where it's incredibly beautiful, a somewhat perfect tourist destination, yet it's also very safe. Though it's not that popular, it's still a great place to be in. Case in point: San Sebastian.
San Sebastian's Crime Rate: What To Know
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San Sebastian's General Crime Rate

Just how safe a city is San Sebastian is? Its general crime rate is only 7.35%! That's one of the lowest in the world right now. While the most famous cities in the world have their crime rates at moderate to high levels, this coastal town in Spain's Basque country is one of extremely few where the crime rate is only in the single digits. And it doesn't look like it will change anytime soon. Currently, San Sebastian's rate of increasing crimes is only at 18.99%, also considered very low. This only goes to show that the least-known cities are often the safest.

Most Common Crimes in San Sebastian

With San Sebastian's general crime rate at above 0%, it means the crimes are still committed here. And though they're not that rampant, it pays to look out for them. At 16.43%, corruption ranks the highest-rated crime in San Sebastian. On the bright side, it's a non-violent crime that doesn't directly harm people. But on the flip side, people who work here are the most victimized. Since San Sebastian s far from the business hub that other cities are, this makes keeping a job in the city a little more risky than normal. Now more than ever, it pays to be aware of such a crime.

San Sebastian's Crime Rate: What To Know

Other Crimes To Be Aware Of

Corruption isn't the only crime committed in San Sebastian. Vandalism and theft follow as the second-highest-rated crimes at a combined 12.93%. You'll see it in the many alleyways and darker corners of the city where graffiti and trash fill the areas. Not to mention the fact that since San Sebastian welcomes a lot of tourists year after year, it's become a haven for pickpockets to find their next victims. With that said, breaking into people's homes ranks the third-highest-rated crime in San Sebastian at 12.21%. Though not necessarily alarming for many residents here, it does pose a concern for a number of homeowners.

The Safety Rate of Walking Around San Sebastian

Overall, San Sebastian remains a safe place for people to walk around and explore. In fact, just like its general crime rate, the city's safety rates have also reached record highs! During the day, it's 93.46% to walk around the different districts in San Sebastian. With or without company, there's little risk of getting involved or falling victim to crimes as you explore the city while the sun is out. At nightfall, the safety rate simply drops to 89.30%, still a lot safer than other cities' safety rates during the day. These rates alone should help you feel at ease while you're here!

San Sebastian's Crime Rate: What To Know

San Sebastian's Political Situation

Despite everything laid out so far, there are instances wherein San Sebastian becomes less safe than it usually is. One of the major cities of Basque country, this place is often a central haven for Basque Nationalism, a political movement that seeks to separate Basque country from the rest of Spain. There will be times where people will protest, start riots, vandalize, and even plant pipe bombs all for the sake of their political cause. And more often than not, visitors, tourists, and even residents that are not involved in the cause become affected anyways. Be mindful of when such situations occur here in San Sebastian.

Staying Careful in San Sebastian

As the crime rates in San Sebastian convey, the city is extremely safe for tourists and residents alike. However, it still pays to be careful every once and a while. Stay alert when you're out and keep your belongings hidden and protected from the pickpockets who might target you. Always ensure that your home, be it your own property or a place you rent, is securely locked when you step outside. And finally, when having fun on the beach, especially on the shorelines nearest to the Atlantic Ocean, be careful not to get (literally) carried away by the big waves here.

San Sebastian's Crime Rate: What To Know

While they may not be a place that's completely free of crime and danger, the beautiful coastal city of San Sebastian in Spain's Basque country is the nearest to such a utopia. The crime rates here are some of the lowest in the world!

Ensure your safety in San Sebastian by choosing a luxury home located in any of the safer areas in the city!