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San Sebastian's Most Notable Hospitals

February 24, 2021
When in a beautiful city like San Sebastian, it's a shame if you can't enjoy your time here to the fullest. The refreshing Mediterranean breezes, the stunning crystal clear waters, and the romantic atmosphere of the Basque country are not to be missed. So to ensure you really get to enjoy your time here, stay as healthy and as safe as you can. If you think this isn't possible, think again! Even if something happens to you, the city has a number of hospitals that can ensure that your health problems won't get in the way of your time here.
San Sebastian's Most Notable Hospitals

Donostiako San Juan de Dios Ospitalea

Founded in 1952, Donostiako San Juan de Dios Ospitalea is not only one of the oldest hospitals in the city, but it's also one of the biggest. It's a central Spanish healthcare facility in the Basque country, attracting not only the residents of the city but even locals who come from nearby areas. Its massive size allows them to accommodate as many patients as possible, treating them until they can recover. Though the hospital itself doesn't have a specific specialty, its versatility as a medical center helps them provide care for different kinds of illnesses, ailments, and other health problems.

Donostia Unibertsitate Ospitalea

Osakidetza is this huge healthcare institution in the Basque country that helps make this region, as well as the entire country of Spain in general, a prominent medical tourist destination. And their hospital in San Sebastian, Donostia Unibertsitate Ospitalea, adds to that! Boasting advanced medical treatments, modern equipment, perfectly sanitized facilities, and more, it's safe to say that this hospital is one of the more advanced ones in the city. In fact, even before the Covid-19 pandemic started, this institution already had its own array of online services to help patients unable to go to the hospital themselves.

San Sebastian's Most Notable Hospitals

Centre Hospitalier de la Côte Basque

Out of all of the hospitals in San Sebastian, Centre Hospitalier de la Côte Basque is probably the most welcoming and most suitable for foreign patients. For one thing, it's one of the very few English-speaking institutions here in the Basque country. A good percentage of their staff, from doctors and nurses to even receptionists, are able to speak English well. Patients who can't speak and understand Spanish won't have a difficult time getting treated here. At the same time, the hospital is also familiar with how other countries' healthcare systems work and is able to work around them. Not a lot of similar medical centers are able to do that!

Hospital Quirón

Out of all the hospitals in San Sebastian, the best place where expecting mothers should give birth is at Hospital Quirón! The maternity ward here is arguably second to none! Clean, sanitized, well-equipped, and ready for any eventuality, this medical boasts an impressive track record of safe deliveries and healthy births. Even just visiting the OBGYN is a lot easier here than in other institutions in the city. Thanks to their focus on reproductive health, any woman can go through any pregnancy without ever risking her health or even her life.

San Sebastian's Most Notable Hospitals

Oncologico Donosti

Even as Covid-19 takes in more and more victims, this illness still pales in comparison to cancer. Over the years, this disease, in all its many forms, has taken the lives of millions of people. And the worst part? There's still no definite cure for it! Not even a vaccine like the one to counter Covid-19. That's why institutions like Oncologico Donosti in San Sebastian are so important. Entirely devoted to treating and researching cancer, any patient diagnosed with one has more chances of surviving it with this hospital's help. Not to mention possible assist in getting closer to find out how the world can cure and eradicate the disease.

American Doctor San Sebastian

You can probably already tell why you'd benefit from going to the American Doctor San Sebastian hospital. Run by American health experts and professionals, this is one of the very few English-speaking medical centers in the Basque country. That alone is a huge benefit. As mentioned earlier, it's going to be difficult getting treated when you can't even understand and communicate properly with the hospital you're in. At least, in this internationally-built facility, you'll understand everything and more. You'll know your progress, what medicine you need to buy, how to go about your treatment, and more.

San Sebastian's Most Notable Hospitals

It's easy to think that being in a carefree city like San Sebastian will put you at risk of getting hurt or contracting all kinds of health problems. But don't worry! Even if anything happens to you here, these fine hospitals will take good care of you!

Part of staying safe and healthy in San Sebastian is choosing a luxury home within the safer and cleaner areas in the city!