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Where To Walk Your Dog in Leeds

February 15, 2021
They say that dogs are 'man's best friend,' right? In that case, if you have one of your own, shouldn't you spend more time with them? Whether you're in school, at work, or busy raising your own family, there's no reason why you can't take some time off every once and a while to play and dote on your canine companion! They're there to keep you company, make you smile, and make you feel like you're the greatest in the world. The least you can do is to take them out from time to time. And if you're in Leeds, here are places to take them to!
Where To Walk Your Dog in Leeds

Ardsley Reservoir

Going to any park in the city is good and all but there's one thing your pup can't do in them: splash around. Sure, there might be some ponds, streams, and even fountains in the many parks in Leeds, but you're probably not allowed or encouraged not to let your pups go near them. Fortunately, there's the Ardsley Reservoir! You'll gave to go a little further away from the city center but the travel time, whether via your own car or public transport, is worth it. Here, there's a beach by a lake where your dog can splash to his/her heart's content!

Eccup Reservoir

Another reservoir, Eccup Reservoir, is a natural playground for dogs located just a little along the outskirts of the city. It has one of the widest water expanses in all of Yorkshire, meaning it's a place where your pup can also splash around until he/she's tired. But perhaps what your canine friend will enjoy doing the most here is to chase after the birds that land when they get tired of flying. Seeing your dog chase these majestic creatures would be a sight to see! As for you, The New Inn within the reservoir is a great place to take a break!

Where To Walk Your Dog in Leeds

Leeds Liverpool Canal

Now, why not a place that's within the city this time? Enter Leeds Liverpool Canal. And no, this doesn't mean you should take your dog to swim in the canal. That's probably not safe to do anyways. However, if it's just a simple and quick stroll from your flat, especially if it's near this area, then this place is your best bet! One of the more peaceful pathways in Leeds, this actually more soothing (and convenient!) for you than for your pet. Nevertheless, your pup will likely get excited seeing the other people and the boats sailing on the canal!


Up for a place with a little history to it? Go to Saxton! This West Yorkshire area is said to have been one of the battlegrounds of the 'War of the Roses,' one of the most defining internal conflicts of Medieval England. Though you won't see any remnants of that distant past here, just the thought of walking along the very same ground where history was made will send chills down your spine. As for your canine companion, this patch of the English countryside is the sort of charming meadow-like place you've read in storybooks. Of course, they'll love it here!

Where To Walk Your Dog in Leeds

Temple Newsam Park

Temple Newsam is one of those parks that can rival even those in London. Its vast patch of well-cut grasslands makes for the best playground any dog could ask for. Imagine how ecstatic he/she will be when you play fetch with him/her in such a wide-open space. Imagine how tired he/she will be after he/she has run for hours in the park. And for some much-wanted adventure, you can always explore the small woodland forest just right on the edge of the park. There's a lot to see and do here in Temple Newcam, both for you and your pup!

The Rose Gardens at Middleton Park

You have to remember that dogs are best-known for their sense of smell. They can smell anything from a mile away! So why not take them to a place where they can smell the sweetest scents in all of Leeds? And that place is none other than Middleton Park. Or more specifically, the Rose Garden in Middletown Park. Well-manicured flowerbeds of the romantic flora await your pups with their natural beauty and beguiling fragrance. It's a place where instead of feeling so excited they'd jump and run around, your pups might calm down a bit more and enjoy the view. And, of course, the smell too!

Where To Walk Your Dog in Leeds

Your dog deserves to enjoy his/her time in Leeds just as much as you do! So the next time you take him/her out for a walk, go to any of these wonderful places! Parks, gardens, meadows, and more, your pup will surely have the time of his/her life in any of them!