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Top Prominent Schools in Venice

February 03, 2021
In many ways, Venice is a very educational city. The history is there, the culture is there, the heritage is there. One can already learn a lot just by going here and exploring the city. With that said, Venice does have its own fair share of well-respected educational institutions. It's not only gondolas and villas here, the city also takes pride in its handful of prominent schools. Some are private, some are public, and some are international schools perfect for expat students. And among all of them, here are a few that have really stood out!
Top Prominent Schools in Venice

International School of Venice

If there's a school that's perfect for both local and foreign children, it's the International School of Venice. A bilingual primary and secondary school, it specifically caters to students who come from overseas. Here, it's all about fostering a safe and welcoming environment at the heart of the city. The school aims to provide a solid foundation of local and international studies, instilling a sense of openness and promoting globalization. At the same time, they're also forming young minds to become the leaders of tomorrow. Prominent and prestigious, this is the best place to enroll your kids if you relocated to Venice.

Ca’ Foscari University

In young people's lives, going to college or university is when they truly find out what kind of people they are and how they're going to live in society. So it's important that the ones they go to fit their interest will help them realize their potential, and assist in their acceleration to new heights. Here in Venice, one such institution is Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. The university promoted critical thinking, artistic expression, and embraces diversity. In many ways, the quality of education here can rival those in London and Paris. Moreover, they offer Italian-language courses to those interested outside of the undergraduate and graduate student bodies as well.

Top Prominent Schools in Venice

Gentium Schola Opitergium

Venice is undoubtedly a smaller city than most in Italy so it makes sense that some of the schools that the children who live here go to are located outside of the city itself. Case in point: Gentium Schola Opitergium. Located in the town of Oderzo, an hour train ride away from Venice, it's one of the best educational institutions available and accessible to Venetian students. Its best quality is their focus on extracurricular activities, be it in art, music, athletics, and more. It's through their encouragement of students to their best even beyond academics that students get to realize their true potential at an early age.

High School Raimondo Franchetti

Also known as the Instituto Bruno Franchetti, this high school is among the best in the Venetian state. They balance both academics and extracurricular activities in equal measure, allowing students to find out what their interests are without having to sacrifice their studies. With this equal opportunity on both fronts, they're able to help their students become well-rounded individuals as well as from different outlooks in life. A very local school that only teaches in Italian, very rarely do they receive international students. However, this doesn't mean they don't welcome them! On the contrary, foreign students who do enroll here improve their Italian knowledge and language skills.

State Art School in Venice

Is your kid interested in learning about painting? Architecture? Music? If that's the case, there's only one school suitable for him/her: The State Art School in Venice. Housed in an opulent castle-like building along the canals of Venice, this is a secondary school devoted to the various filed of art. Here, they'll not only learn and practice their chose crafts, but they'll also learn about the histories and heritages of such art forms, particularly within the context of Italy. By the time they graduate, they'll become part of the art scene in Venice which is just as influential and important as those in Paris and London.

Top Prominent Schools in Venice

If you think Venice is only about touring the sights and riding the gondolas, think again! The city has its own handful of prominent, well-respected, and prestigious schools that many young ones can benefit from going to!

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