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The Best Roman Wine Bars To Go To This Valentine's Day

February 04, 2021
Rome is one of the most romantic cities in the world. A place full of heritage and history, you can feel the romance overflowing throughout every corner. From open piazzas to the dark alleyways, it feels like you can fall in love at any moment here. With that said, Valentine's Day is around the corner, and while just walking around the city is already a great date option, there's always drinking wine. Just imagine how romantic it'd be to go to a nice quiet wine bar and drink from the finest bottles by the candlelight! And here are some places where you can do just that!
The Best Roman Wine Bars To Go To This Valentine's Day

Antica Enoteca

Just a hop and a skip away from Piazza di Spagna, or 'The Spanish Steps,' Antica Enoteca is definitely a place for lovers to meet up. Rows upon rows of the delicious reds and delicate whites await couples looking to get their fill of fine wine in Rome. And with the rustic ambiance and old-world charm of the place, they're sure to enjoy their time here. In fact, its very location makes it a central part of the city, but even then, this centuries-old charmer has always had its own intimate feel to it that has welcomed couples over the years!
The Best Roman Wine Bars To Go To This Valentine's Day
Source: Antica Enoteca Facebook Page

Enoteca del Frate

Located in Prati, one of the livelier areas in Rome, the Enoteca del Frate wine bar is one of the more popular hotspots on this list. It's probably because their selection consists of both Italian and foreign wines, some of the best in the world. Though homegrown wine has always had a certain kick to it, there's no denying that pairing Enoteca del Frate's authentic Italian dishes with French or Spanish bottles taste different in the best possible way. It also helps that the place is pretty grand yet intimate at the same time, a unique combination that will surely charm the pants off any couple on Valentine's Day!
The Best Roman Wine Bars To Go To This Valentine's Day
Source:Enoteca del Frate Facebook Page

Il Goccetto

Housed in a 16th-century building, Il Goccetto is definitely a must-visit for couples who enjoy drinking wine. The old-world charm of the place, with its classic architecture and historic appeal, has a cinematic feel to it that's incredibly romantic. As if you're in a movie or something! Add to that the 60 different brands of fine wine on offer, allowing you to maximize your taste to possibly reach the level of a connoisseur! All of those elements and qualities blend well together in creating the right ambiance, the right mood, and the right taste for a romantic night out on the town.
The Best Roman Wine Bars To Go To This Valentine's Day
Source: Il Goccetto Facebook Page

Mimì e Cocò

Italians love wine so it's no surprise that some places on this list focus heavily on locally branded bottles. One in particular, Mimì e Cocò, is a perfect date venue for couples spending Valentine's Day in the Italian capital. For one thing, most of the bottles offered here are made in Italy; homegrown wine at their finest! Add to that the rich Roman menu of dishes and desserts and you've got yourself a winner! And since it's located on a popular piazza, Piazza Navona, it's easy to get here via public transport! What's not to love?
The Best Roman Wine Bars To Go To This Valentine's Day
Source: Mimì e Cocò Facebook Page


As romantic as Rome is as a city, there's no denying that it's expensive here. And while street food and cheap restaurants are still available for a meal or two, there's also no denying that such options aren't the most romantic. If only there was a place where you can taste the best wine, eat fine Italian food, and not risk going bankrupt, right? Fortunately, there's Trimani. A century-old place along Via Goito, it's a popular wine bar for many reasons. Not the least of which is its affordability. If you plan to spend your Valentine's Day in Rome with your savings still intact, this is the perfect place for a date!
The Best Roman Wine Bars To Go To This Valentine's Day
Source: Trimani


With name, when translated to English means 'CheerfulWine,' it's no surprise why VinAllegro is a popular place. It's safe to say that you'll get your fill here, especially if you're just a couple out on a date. A selection of local and foreign labels await those with high tastes, ready to soak the lips with rich fine wine. And to pair with that, a buffet of hearty Italian delicacies, dishes, and desserts, the best this country's cuisine can offer. Who wouldn't want to stuff their faces with the best wine and the best food here?
The Best Roman Wine Bars To Go To This Valentine's Day
Source: VinAllegro Facebook Page

When in Rome, drink some wine! There's no denying that Italy makes some of the best wines in the world. So what better way to spend a romantic date during Valentine's Day than to go to any or all of these amazing wine bars to taste them?

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