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The Best Hospitals in Monaco

January 28, 2021
Casinos, resorts, beaches, and cafes. These are what most people expect to see and go to in Monaco. There's never been a city-state that's more about pleasure and the finer things in life quite like this one. It's as if life outside of playing around doesn't exist here! It's all about having fun, enjoying your time, and living your life to the fullest. However, sometimes, living your life to the fullest can get you into serious trouble. And more often than not, that serious trouble relates to your health. Fortunately, Monaco has a handful of first-class hospitals to ensure everyone's well-being!
The Best Hospitals in Monaco

Princess Grace Hospital Centre

Centre Hospitalier Princesse-Grace, or known as the 'Princess Grace Hospital Centre' in English, is the only public hospital in Monaco. It's practically the state medical center of the principality as well, particularly with its strong affiliation with the healthcare system. Named after the iconic Hollywood actress who then became the city-state's most famous princess, it's no surprise that it's the most popular institution of its kind in Monaco. It's a good thing that the hospital also specializes in many areas, ranging from geriatrics and oncology to neurology and cardiology. No matter what your illness, you'll get treated with utmost care here!

Centre Cardio-Thoracique de Monaco

While Princess Grace Hospital Centre is the go-to place for most illnesses and ailments, if you're experiencing cardiovascular problems, you're better off going to Centre Cardio-Thoracique de Monaco. Known as the 'Cardiothoracic Center of Monaco' in English, it specializes specifically in the cardiovascular system in your body. Though it's a small and relatively private hospital in Monaco, it nevertheless became one of the most prominent in the principality. If you have even the smallest heart problem, the medical professionals in this institution will surely fix that for you in no time. It's located along Avenue d'Ostende, so it's easy to get to via public transport.

The Best Hospitals in Monaco

Institut Monegasque de Medecine du Sport

Though Monaco isn't exactly a place known for sports—except if t's the Grand Prix, of course!—the city-state still actually has its own sports clinic. The Institut Monegasque de Medecine du Sport is the go-to hospital for any and all sports-related injuries. Whether it's a broken back, a dislocated shoulder, or a twisted ankle, the team of first-class surgeons and other well-informed doctors will know how to treat you properly. But don't think that sports-related injuries are the only health problems treated here. The institution works to heal all physical ailments and illnesses, no matter the cause!

Orthopédie Générale Morel

Similarly to Institut Monegasque de Medecine du Sport, the Orthopédie Générale Morel also heavily focuses on physical health problems. As the name already mentions, this hospital's specialty is all about orthopedics, highlight the musculoskeletal system and all its medical problems and conditions. The institution has a top-notch staff of surgeons and medical experts ready to treat whatever's bothering you with your body. And more often than not, in a summer destination like Monaco, where most people go to for a vacation, such problems are actually more common than you might realize. So it's no surprise why this place is one of the most prominent hospitals in the principality.

Centre d’Hémodialyse Privé de Monaco

None of the fine medical institutions listed here lack in anything, be it in staff, equipment, facilities, and the like. However, when it comes to equipment, it's safe to say that the Hemodialysis Center has some of the best in Monaco. Also known as Centre d’Hémodialyse Privé de Monaco, this must-visit hospital is located on the Port of Fontvieille, one of the more upscale neighborhoods of Monaco. Without sounding too farfetched, it has everything any hospital would need and want—from the latest technology to traditional tools that remain helpful in all sorts of medical procedures.

The Best Hospitals in Monaco

Whether you went here for the beaches, the resorts, the casinos, or any other, rest assured, Monaco is a place where you can remain as healthy as possible! Why? Because the principality also houses some of the finest hospitals in the French Riviera!

There's nothing better than relaxing in your luxurious home in Monaco after staying in any of these fine hospitals!