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What To Expect in Brussels During Winter

January 05, 2021
Would you believe someone if they told you that Brussels during winter is the most beautiful sight you'll ever see? Though it may sound far-fetched, when the Belgian capital is covered in snow, it does look spectacular. The city already looks like it came straight out of a storybook, what more when it's turned into a winter wonderland? Still, even beyond its astounding beauty, Brussels is still a fun and exciting place to go to even when it's winter. There are a lot to do, to see, and more even when it's cold outside!
What To Expect in Brussels During Winter

Warm Up at La Botanique

One of the more underrated places in Brussels is La Botanique. With its eye-catching 19th-century opulence, it looks like it's from some sort of palace or something. But it's not! It's actually a greenhouse! And if you want to stay warm during the winter here in the Belgian capital, a visit to this beautiful botanical oasis is just what the doctor ordered. Rest assured, as it is a greenhouse, the place remains warm and toasty even when it's icy cold outside. Not to mention there are all sorts of exhibitions, concerts, and shows performed here during this time of the year as well. %IMG=8195% Source: Wikimedia Commons

Go To Boetfort Spa

Did you know that in some of the world's coldest mountains, there are actually a couple of hot springs you can take a dip in? A number of people actually hike all the way to them just to experience their warmth and its unique contrast to its snowy surroundings. However, it's no secret that climbing up treacherous snow-covered mountains isn't exactly to everyone's taste or capabilities. So why not go to Boetfort Spa in Brussels instead? Here, a centuries-old castle is turned into a luxury spa, one of the finest in the city. And the main highlight here? An outdoor jacuzzi that can warm you up even when snow is already falling all over you! %IMG=8193% Source: Wikimedia Commons

See A Chocolate Christmas Tree

When you move to Brussels, you'll realize that the food here is actually just as spectacular as those in the more well-known food capitals like Paris and London. In fact, Belgium itself has a ton of specialties, not the least of which is chocolate. If you think Parisian chocolatiers are outstanding, wait until you taste the ones in Brussels. Though a good number of them have set up shop in both capital cities. One of them is Pierre Marcolini, and every winter, in his Brussels shop, he puts up a meter-high chocolate Christms tree for all the world to see. It's as sweet a feast for the eyes as it is for your taste buds! %IMG=8194% Source: Pierre Marcolini Twitter Account

Go For Hot Belgian Chocolate

Though seeing a chocolate Christmas tree isn't the only worthwhile thing you can expect when it comes to Belgian chocolates in Brussels. There's actually a ton of chocolate shops in the city you can go to, each offering them in different ways to give you such sweet sensations! However, seeing as it is winter, arguably the best type is hot chocolate, wouldn't you agree? What's better than going to a nearby cafe and getting a nice, warm, and oh-so-rich cup of hot chocolate? It'll be even better if you got a few Belgian treats to dip some in! %IMG=8192% Source: Wikimedia Commons

Enjoy Some Belgian Waffles

While chocolate is good and all, Belgian waffles are also quite the sweet treat! And here in Brussels, there are a ton of places where you can get some! From the more family-friendly Waffle Factory to the more upscale Maison Dandoy , you can get your fair share of waffle fix in this city with no problem at all. Just imagine spreading some butter and pouring some honey or maple syrup onto your pile. That will warm you up really nicely amidst the very cold winter in Brussels. %IMG=8191% Source: Wikimedia Commons

Drink Belgian Beer

Continuing the Belgian culinary for winter, you can also go for some well-crafted beer! Though it's a light drink, there's no denying that a couple of rounds will really warm you up! And there are a lot of bars in Brussels that will satisfy your beer cravings. A lot of them are warm and homely, making you feel so comfortable you won't want to leave. And when they serve their Belgian-made beer, you'll really want to stay for long! After all, it's so cold outside, right? What's the harm in doing a couple of rounds to help feel all warm and toasty? %IMG=8197% Source: Wikimedia Commons

Even though winter in Brussels, or anywhere in Belgium for that matter, sounds extremely cold, it's really not! There are a ton of things to do, see, and experience in this capital city that will help you stay warm and forget about the cold!

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