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Where Kids Can Have Outdoor Fun in Dubai

December 29, 2020
Dubai is evolving into quite the advanced city right before the world! It seems like every day, there's something new about the city that continues to keep the rest of the world in awe. So it's no wonder why so many people visit and move here, mostly with their entire family too. But is Dubai as exciting a place for kids as it is for adults? You bet it is! Not a lot of people might know this yet but Dubai actually has many places where kids can have fun. Places like parks, playgrounds, and the like!
Where Kids Can Have Outdoor Fun in Dubai

Al Barsha Park

Also known as Barsha Pond Park, Al Barsha Park is one of the more beautiful places on this list. The city takes good care of this place that you almost don't want your kids to run around here and ruining the area. But don't worry! Your little ones can still enjoy some playtime here without destroying the beauty of the place. The shaded playgrounds are located a good distance away from the more manicured parts of the park. You can also go on a peddle-boat ride so that your kids can see the (man-made) lake a little loser too!

Al Sufouh Park

Another well-put-together park is Al Sufouh Park, located amidst the many districts of Dubai. The playground here is also shaded, which means even it rains, your kids can still play. And they'll love doing it too because the playground is as classic as ever! Colorful tunnels to crawl through, big slides to ride down on, and even a big swing that can fit a whole group of friends! What's not to love? Even your youngest ones can join in on the fun. With a bucket and shovel, they can dig as many holes as they want on the sandpit of the playground!

Where Kids Can Have Outdoor Fun in Dubai

Al Khazzan Park

For you parents, what will strike most about Al Khazzan Park is the backdrop. With Burj Khalifa (a must-visit if you're in Dubai for only a day!) and other high-rises making up the Dubai skyline, you'll be so transfixed that you might not even pay attention to your kids anymore. But, of course, you shouldn't do that! Even though your little one will largely remain safe in the playgrounds here, you still have to take care of them. They might want you to see them go down a slide, especially your youngest! Or they'll also ask you to push them on the swings!

Burj Beach Park

There's already a beach nearby, why would your kids settle down in a park? Well, this is for days when they're not in the mood for a swim. If they don't want to splash around in the sea, they can simply fly their kites in this beautiful park, which is also named Umm Sequim Park. A climbing feature is open for the older kids, those who think they're tough enough to take them on. Be warned though, because this is no ordinary climbing feature! It's a little too steep for just any kid to climb.

Safa Park 2

A twirly slide, a climbing feature, and a pole to slide down on. Though the playground in Safa Park 2 is admittedly small, there's no stopping your kids from playing—or at least wanting to—here. The sandpit is what your toddlers will probably love best. Here, they can dig up sand, build sandcastles, and even attempt to walk without the risk of getting hurt. Your older kids, however, will likely rush to the slides or the poles and tire themselves out eventually. Ultimately, this is the type of slide you stop by for when you have time to spare before going somewhere else.

Where Kids Can Have Outdoor Fun in Dubai

As exciting as Dubai is for adults, it's also as fun a place for kids too! They can have all sorts of outdoor fun in many of the parks and playgrounds on this list. And you'd do well in taking them to any or all of them when you have the time!

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