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The Best Places For Your Kids To Have Fun in Athens

December 27, 2021
Do you think kids will have fun in Athens? If you're going here for a visit or your moving here permanently, will they enjoy their stay here? While you might have dreamed of going to the Greek capital all your life, you still have to think about how much your children will like it here. There's only so much swimming they can do on the beach before they get bored! Luckily, however, the city has a couple of places they might want to go to. Parks and playgrounds that will keep them entertained from hours on end!
The Best Places For Your Kids To Have Fun in Athens

National Park Playground

While the National Park in Athens looks very beautiful, historic, and probably what the Ancient Greeks dreamed their place would look like a millennia later, that's not what the kids would focus on here. They'll likely rush to the playground as soon as they can. With a hanging merry-go-round, all sorts of climbing frames, and a few slides, they'll be too busy horsing around here instead of appreciating the beauty of the place. At the very least, when you bring them here, they won't throw a tantrum, right? That's good news for everybody!

Kennedy Square Playground

Located in Kifissia, one of Athens' neighborhoods that's a bit more residential than others, the Kennedy Square Playground is an extremely fun area for kids. For one thing, the towering area has multiple levels, allowing your little ones to climb up as high as they can here. Expect a few shouts for attention when they reach the top! And don't worry about how they go down. There are stairs, slides, monkey bars, and more to ensure that they'd have as much fun going down as they did climbing up. Nearby, there's a teeter-totter and a tunnel that's just as fun too!

The Best Places For Your Kids To Have Fun in Athens

Thisio Playground

As small as Thisio Playground is, there's something to look forward to for the whole family. For the kids, it's a welcome change of pace from the busier part of Athens. Since it's located along Apostolou Pavlou pedestrian street, they'll love the fact that they can take a break from walking or going on public transport to just play a little. And the playground here is as classic as it can be, complete with slides, swings, a round-about, and more. As for you, even if you're just going to rest here, you'll be greeted with a stunning view of the Acropolis! Not bad, right?

Volta Fun Park

Volta Fun Park is one of the few playgrounds on this list where you have to pay money. Though it's only €5.00, it's still money you could have used for food, drinks, or other necessities. But don't think of it that way! Besides, your kids will love you all the more for it! Why? Because that seemingly measly €5.00 will get them access to the inflatable castles in the area. They'll love spending hours and hours of jumping around the castle, bouncing to their hearts' content. As for you, you can simply take a break and enjoy a cup of coffee on the side.

Zappio Playground

Rope ladders, a jumping net, and slides. Sounds like quite the adrenaline-pumping playtime, right? Well, that's exactly how it is here in Zappio Playground. More suited for your older kids, your babies would be safe right by your side. Still, even your toddlers will laugh out loud as they watch their older siblings bounce away on the jumping net, going as higher as they can. They might even get to show off some acrobatic skills you might not know about. While the tougher kids? They'll love pretending to train for the military on the rope ladders as if they're in an obstacle course or something!

The Best Places For Your Kids To Have Fun in Athens

Even though you dreamed of going to Athens someday, you have to remember tha your kids ought to have some fun in the Greek capital too! So why not take them to any or all of these amazing play areas? They'll happily play all day long here!

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