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Some of The Best Playgrounds in Dublin

December 22, 2021
Dublin has a lot more to offer than you think! It's sad that not a lot of people see the potential in the Irish capital. Sure, it's far from the likes of Paris, Rome, London, and more, but it has its own charms and aces nonetheless! It's just as suitable a city for anyone, even those with big families! In fact, kids can still have loads of fun in Dublin because the city has many playgrounds they can visit. Each more exciting than the next, they'll appreciate you taking them to any or all of these places during the weekends or when you have free days!
Some of The Best Playgrounds in Dublin

Ardgillan Castle Playground

When you spend the day in Dublin, especially on your first visit here, seeing the city's beautiful castles is probably part of your itinerary. You can't help but see these lavish structures and Medival relics yourself. However, as for your kids, there's another type of castle they'll probably prefer going to. And that's the sort they can play around in playgrounds. The Ardgillan Castle Playground, for instance, fits the bill. Though it's not as large as the city's official palaces, the slides, swings, see-saws, and more will have your little ones jumping for joy. And it's convenient for parents too since there are toilets with baby-changing stations in them as well

Belgrave Square Playground

In the beautiful area of Ranelagh, one of the more residential neighborhoods of Dublin, the Belgrave Square Playground is among one of the popular places for kids. The playground here is as classic as ever, complete with swings, see-saws, all sorts of climbing features, and more. Based on these alone, you'd think that it's just a standard playground, right? Not really worth noting all that much? Well, think again! One of its strongest aces is that it's all fenced up quite nicely, allowing your kids to play as freely as they want without them going too far off and getting lost! Source: Wikimedia Commons

Cabinteely Park

If you kids fancy themselves as adventurers, Cabinteely Park is perfect for them! The playground here has all sorts of climbing structures and whatnot to pump their adrenaline in more ways than ones. As well as, unfortunately for you, keep you on edge! But don't worry! As the park itself is located in a very central part of the city, going to any of the fine hospitals here would be a breeze. Though let's not hope it will come to that! After all, at the very least there's still the giant sandpit where your little ones can safely play building sandcastles and whatnot.

Some of The Best Playgrounds in Dublin

Kilruddery House Sandpit

Speaking of sandpits, the one over Kiluddery House is definitely one of the best in the city. A whole patch of beach-like land awaits the kids who want to build sandcastles, bury themselves or their friends in the sand, or even play beach volleyball. Though the latter is more suited for your older children. Either way, Since Ireland, as a whole, doesn't have the sunniest either in the world (just don't remind the Irish of that!), your little ones would definitely appreciate your giving them a beach-like playtime, regardless of how warm or cold it is on that day!

Marlay Park Playground

Sports courts, jungle-gyms, a set of swings, and more. These are the types of playground features you'd expect in the Marlay Park playground. Its immense popularity stems from the fact that it's one of the few paly areas in the city where practically all ages are suited to play here, perhaps even you too! There are specific areas wherein your toddlers can run around and stay safe, while your big kids would probably prefer to ride their bikes or play all sorts of sports in the courts here. Another added bonus is that, on Saturdays, there's a farmer's market set up nearby that you can shop at to lower your food costs!

Some of The Best Playgrounds in Dublin

People's Park Playground

Similarly, the People's Park also has a weekly farmer's market set up by its playground every weekend. But that's not why your kids will want you to take them there! What they will focus on are the many classic playground features available for them in the area. There are the climbing structures, tall enough to give them quite the rush but not so high that you'll have a heart attack yourself. The swings—always a favorite!—where even your youngest can also join in on the fun! And, of course, the slides! While your shopping at the market on Sunday, you'll likely hear your little ones shouting at you to watch them go down the slides! Make sure you watch them!

The Giant's Garden

Merrion Square is one of the most beautiful and fascinating places located right smack in the center of Dublin. At first glance, it may not seem like the type of place that will recite your kids but wait until you go to the park here! The playground here is one of the finest in the city! Rome bridges, big slides, climbing features, and more! They'll have some of their most fun playtimes here, without a doubt! All sorts of adventures await their excited little hearts as they see the playground from the distance. So make sure you bring them here at least once while you're in the city!

Some of The Best Playgrounds in Dublin

Dublin can be as fun a place for kids as it is for adults! The city has countless playgrounds you can bring them to in your spare time so that they'd have lots of good and exciting memories of playtime when they remember being in the Irish capital.

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