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Awesome Playgrounds in New York City

December 17, 2021
Is there a more fun city than New York? Doubt it! It's the quintessential urban jungle. A bustling metropolis that seems to have it all. It's no wonder it's one of the biggest cities in the world. So much so that, when people hear the word 'city,' it's often New York that comes to mind. And don't just think that New York is only fun for adults! Sure, the countless bars, clubs, and other types of establishments make it quite the adult playground, but the city also has a good number of children's playgrounds the little ones can enjoy too!
Awesome Playgrounds in New York City

Ancient Playground

Just one look at this playground and you'll understand why it's named as such! The 'Ancient Playground' in Central Park is one of the rare themed outdoor play areas in the city. Nestled in the vast and iconic park in Manhattan, encompassing various districts in the city, it's the perfect place for kids to escape the hustle and bustle of the borough and get lost in their own make-beleive adventures. And it's easier here because the playground itself looks like it came from Ancient Egypt (said to have been inspired by Egyptian displays at the The MET nearby!)
Awesome Playgrounds in New York City
Source: CentralParkNYC.org

Chelsea Waterside Playground

A waterpark is probably one of the last things you'd expect in New York, isn't it? And while it's not exactly a true-blue waterpark, the Chelsea Waterside Playground in the Hudson River Park is the closest your kids will get to in this city. Though don't expect pools and waterslides here! Just some good old-fashioned sprinklers your little ones can gleefully run around, splashing about, and having all kids of fun. Though there are still the standard playground features like the slide, swings, and whatnot. They're good enough for you and the kids to cool off on one summer day, right?
Awesome Playgrounds in New York City
Source: HudsonRiverPark.org

Concrete Plant Park

You might not find it in any New York-set movie on Netflix, but the Concrete Plant Park in the Bronx is charming nonetheless! It's not your typical-looking play area, absent of bright colors and cooky cartoon characters. In fact, the entire area, which is actually a former factory, admittedly looks rather somber and, for the little ones, scary. But that's the fun of it. That they can explore a place that, while it may intimidate them at first, is actually a whole of fun. And they get to pretend they're factory workers too! Perhaps that sort of playtime will train them to join the workforce when they grow up?
Awesome Playgrounds in New York City
Source: NYCGovParks.org

Playground for All Children

With such a name, your kids will feel right at home in this playground! Located in the beautiful Flushing Meadows Corona Park in the city's Queens borough, the 'Playground for All Children' truly lives up to its name. This is because the area has all sorts of features that can allow even disabled kids to join in on the fun. Not to mention a specific area where you youngest ones can toddle their way to naptime. With a diverse array of playground features and rides, a kid can happily spend the entire day here and he/she still wouldn't have played the entire playground!
Awesome Playgrounds in New York City
Source: NYCGovParks.org

Pier 6 Playgrounds

Now, your probably thinking what many parents in New York are thinking—'Piers are some of the shadiest areas in New York City! Why would you bring your kids there?' Though this stereotype may have some truth to it, the playgrounds in Pier 6 in Brookyln are some of the most fun in the entire city! It has pools kids for kids to splash about, a wooden tower to play pretend Medieval-type warfare, and a humungous slide that will make even the bravest kids wet themselves. These are just some your children would expect if you take them here for the day!
Awesome Playgrounds in New York City
Source: BrooklynBridgePark.org

Seaside Nature Wildlife Park Playground

Located on the South Shore area of the island, the Seaside Nature Wildlife Park Playground is probably the farthest playground on the list. Most especially if you live in Manhattan. However, despite the distance, your kids woulndn't want to miss what's in store for them here! Inspired by the classic adventures in the sea, it's all abut pirates and sea creatures in this park. A main favorite among the children is, of course, the pirate ship feature, complete with a rope ladders, a bridge, and a dragon figurehead. Another is a shark-shaped jungle-jim that kids from aged 3 to 6 will love climbing on.
Awesome Playgrounds in New York City
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Tom Otterness Playground

If you thought that Barcelona was the only city with public works of art, you're sadly mistaken! Near the Silver Towers in Manhattan, there's a playground that's actually a work of art in of itself. Names after the artist, the Tom Otterness Playground is quite the piece. Crafted in fine wood, it's a sculpture of a man that's both a slide and a jungle-jim at the same time. And while the artistry makes it fitting to be displayed in any of the museums in the city, it's good enough as a wonderful play area for the little ones.
Awesome Playgrounds in New York City
Source: TomOStudio.com

New York is as much a fun 'concrete jungle where dreams are made of' for kids as it is for adults! These many great playgrounds are perfect for the whole family to spend a fun day together and just let loose and have fun!

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