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Ways to Get Your Kids Excited for Bath Time

October 20, 2020
Kids are happy-go-lucky most of the time. They're mostly obedient, playful, smiley, and just downright joyful all the time. But there is one time of the day that they usually dread: bath time! As much as they enjoy running around outside, jumping on mud puddles, rolling the grass, and dirtying themselves up, that's how much they dislike taking a bath afterward. Getting your kids to wash up is definitely one of the hardest parts about becoming a parent. But it's not exactly impossible. Would you believe that there are ways in which you can get them excited for bath time? Here are a few of them!

Ways to Get Your Kids Excited for Bath Time


Know Why They Don't Like It in The First Place

When faced with a problem, it's better to start at the root of it. Why do your kids hate bath time in the first place? Are they afraid of the water? Do they associate it with a terrible memory? Do they not like the obligation of it? Or do they find it painful? Talk to your kids and ask them why they have such an aversion to bath time. Understand them and let them know that washing up is necessary and even fun. Perhaps you might even be able to turn it around and make it their favorite part of the day too. All in all, communication is key! 

Ways to Get Your Kids Excited for Bath Time


Give Them Some Bath Toys

A rubber duckie, a water gun, a toy boat—these are just some of the classic bath toys your kids can play with while they take a bath. Kids love playtime, and if you can convert bath time into another sort of playtime, you might just get your little ones excited to take a bath. Just make sure they don't get carried away and spend hours in the bath just playing. Or even make a whole mess of the bathroom as well. Make bath time fun, but not too fun. At the same time, you can store your kids' toys inside the bathroom to ensure they'll come back for more! 

Ways to Get Your Kids Excited for Bath Time


Bubble the Bath Up

Who doesn't like a bubble bath? When the water is all foamy, smelling nice, and it tingles your skin! It feels like heaven, doesn't it? Just imagine enjoying a warm bubble bath in a bathroom in Paris or Rome—that'd be the life! And as much as you enjoy bubble baths, your kids can too. In fact, turning your bathroom into a foam party might just make your kids excited to wash up! Granted they'll probably make a mess, that's a small price to pay to get them excited for bath time. Just don't make them too excited that they go wild inside the bathroom! 

Ways to Get Your Kids Excited for Bath Time


Sing a Song With Them

Sometimes, all you really need is to distract your kids to keep them from getting out of the bath. They may never like taking a bath, but when you distract them while they wash up, they might not make such a big fuss about it. A good way to do so is to incorporate music. Make a song they can sing while they soak in the tub or they rinse in the shower. You can even make it that they sing throughout their bath, allowing them to take better control of their bath time. In turn, this might ease their apprehension towards washing up! 

Ways to Get Your Kids Excited for Bath Time


Tell A Story

Another good way to distract your kids while bath time? Tell a story! The same way it can calm them down when they're ready to go to bed, telling a story might keep them occupied as you wash them down in the bath. They may even forget about disliking bath time if they get engrossed with the tale you're telling. So make sure what you share is something that will fascinate them. A story about when you were younger, maybe? Or explaining something they've been curious about? Just leave the fairytales to bedtime. Bath time requires a more attention-grabbing story. 

Ways to Get Your Kids Excited for Bath Time


Encourage Them to Wash Themselves

One of the main reasons why your kids don't like taking baths is because to them, it feels like a chore. And doing chores isn't exactly what they're excited to do. Feeling the obligation of doing chores will make them feel restricted; as if their freedom to play and do whatever they want was taken away from them. So instead of instilling this feeling in them, why not encourage them to do it on their own? Make them think that they can do it themselves, giving them a sense of responsibility and a feeling of independence. Before long, they'd be going to bath time on their own, without you having to drag them to the bathroom! 

Ways to Get Your Kids Excited for Bath Time


Let's face it: kids often hate bath time! But instead of waiting until they grow older, why not try to get them excited for bath time while they're still young? From giving them bath toys to singing a song as they wash up, there's a handful of ways to achieve this! 


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