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A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Tallinn is the historic capital of Estonia. Its old town is home to well preserved medieval architectures that reflect its rich and colorful history. Along its cobbled street in the center of the old town is the Town Hall Square. It serves as a market place filled with stalls selling local souvenir items. Outdoor cafes are set up during summer and replace by Christmas market in winter. Explore the narrow lanes and you will find numerous shops, cafes and restaurants. Beside the town square is the Tallinn Town Hall, a Gothic tower with a prominent height of 64 meters. Built in 1404, Tallinn Town Hall has been recognized and awarded for its well preserved Gothic architectural heritage. Nowadays this town hall serves as a venue for concerts and entertainment.

One of the most iconic place in Tallinn is the Russalka Memorial. Estonian sculptor Amandus Adamson built this monument in 1902 to honor the people who died from a sank Russian warship Rusalka (mermaid) on its way to Finland. It is a depiction of an angel holding up an Orthodox cross pointing out to what they believed as the shipwreck direction.

A must visit attraction is the Tallinn TV Tower, it is the tallest building in Estonia with an imposing height of 314 meters. There are variety to explore inside this building alone. On the first floor is the TV studio where you can try out broadcasting by recording your own news clip. There is also an exhibition where you can learn about the history of Tallinn TV tower. On the 21st floor there is an observation deck where you can enjoy a panoramic views of the city. Going up and down on this tallest building is a breezy with its high speed elevator, its glass floor giving you a view of the ground is a thrilling experience. Interactive fun activities include Walk on the Edge, a VR Experience of flying around the tower, Base Jump Boogie, Stair Run, and Soaring Skyward. A children's play area is dedicated for family with little kids in tow.

One of the biggest art museums in Northern Europe can be found here in Tallinn. Kumu Art Museum has opened in 2006 with a goal of preserving Estonian arts way back from the 18th century up to the present. They interpret artworks through exhibits to educate and to inspire other artist in curating new ideas. This museum features an auditorium for events, a library, shop and cafe. Services include a guided tour, workshops and organized public events and programs.

Another interesting museum to explore is the Estonian Open Air Museum. If you are curious about the Estonian way of life from hundred years ago, a visit here will give you an overview of how Estonian families lived in the 18th-20th century. This 74 hectare property has 14 farms with people that recreates the lifestyle of Estonian villagers and like a typical community, it has a church, school, fire station, shops and fishing sheds. The museum offers a lot of activities to do during your visit, there is a traditional cooking workshop, weaving and blacksmithing demonstration, biking rentals, horse rides and bonfires during summer.