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Serifos is one of the Greek Island that has maintained its natural beauty thus keeping its authentic charm. It is a perfect location for a relaxing vacation as it exudes a tranquil atmosphere. Cycladic architectural tradition is evident in how they build their houses, specially in Chora, the island's capital. This whitewashed village cascading on the mountainside is a unique location to explore. Hiking is one of the top things to do in Serifos and the hilltop Chora is a short hike to reach what was once the fortress wall of the city. A stunning panoramic view of the island and the sea awaits you at the top. The best asset of the island are the beaches, Serifos boasts 72 beaches to explore making it possible for you to discover a secluded one and enjoy turquoise water peacefully away from the crowd.

Another spot for hiking is the Serifos mining trail sitting on the bay of Megalo Livadi. Remnants of the old mining industry such as as rusted mining tracks are left out in this area. Trail path will lead you to the island's actual mining cave. If you want to know more about the mining history , you may head to the Archeological Museum of Serifos. This is a small museum in Megalo Livadi that showcases artifacts from Serifos' mining past.

Serifos has many churches and the most important religious center is the Monastery of Taxiarches located in Galani village. Built in 1527, it is dedicated to the patron saints of Serifos, Archangel Michael and Gabriel. It served as a religious, educational and economic center of Serifos until the late 19th century.

Out of Serifos' many beaches, the Beach of Ganema is the most beautiful. It is a long stretch of white sandy beach located on the south of the island. The turquoise water and the serenity of the beach make it an ideal place for a relaxing beach getaway.