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Quintana Roo is one of the states in Mexico, located on the Yucatan Peninsula. It is a paradise haven for water sports enthusiasts and beach lovers. It's long stretch of white sandy beaches hugging the turquoise water of the Caribbean sea, and its rich history and cultural heritage are the main attractions making this state a major tourist destination in Mexico.

Cancun is the most famous place in Quintana Roo. It has an underwater museum and some of the best cenotes in Yucatan Peninsula. One of the adventures to experience is zip lining and Cancun is home to many theme parks offering multiple packages and different zip line routes. Of course, the main selling point is its 13 miles of Instagram-worthy beaches perfect for a relaxing dip while soaking up the sun.

Playa del Carmen is best known for its coral reefs making it the best location for diving and snorkeling activities. Parallel to the beach are varieties of shops, restaurants, cafes and bars offering options for a good nightlife. International jazz and Mexican musician concerts are annually held in this beautiful town.

To explore the Mayan Ruins, head to the walled city of Tulum. One of the well preserved ruins is the El Castillo, a stone structured castle perched on a rocky cliff overlooking the turquoise water of the Caribbean sea. Tulum Ruins ranked third in the most-visited archaeological site in Mexico. Aseide from the Mayan Ruins, Tulum is home to some of the most amazing cenotes and lagoons. The popular ones are crowded most of the times but there are less touristy and still amazing to discover when you try cenotes hunting. Just like the other towns, white sandy beaches are all spread out here but more laid back. It is a perfect spot for a relax and peaceful beach getaway.

Chetumal is the the capital of Quintana Roo state. It is home to public squares ,museums and monuments where you can explore the Mayan culture and history. This city serves an important port and is the main gateway for trading. It also has an airport, the Chetumal International Airport that holds local and international trips. Plaza de las Américas is an indoor mall in Chetumal, it has a supermarket, a department store and a movie theater.