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Nottingham developed as a center of agriculture, particularly - tobacco producing. Modern day's Nottingham is a center of education, transport, trade, and culture, as well as a popular tourist spot, with plenty of attractions and landmarks. More recently, it has become a popular cultural destination boasting numerous attractions, including two large theaters and several art galleries. It also hosts many great festivals and events, one of the most popular being the annual Nottingham Goose Fair. Nottingham's old city center boasts several important tourist attractions. It's here that you'll find Old Market Square, the largest such public space in England and home to the Nottingham Tourism Centre, an important first stop before exploring the city. Just a short walk away from the Old Market Square is the historic Lace Market, once the heart of Britain's lace industry. Protected as one of the city's most important heritage zones, these former warehouses and display rooms now house numerous shops, restaurants, and lace makers. Numerous caves exist in the sandstone underneath Nottingham, including the spectacular 322-foot-long Mortimer's Hole directly below the castle. Part of the excellent City of Caves attraction, this particular formation takes its name from Roger Mortimer, lover of Queen Isabella, wife of Edward II (legend has it Mortimer once hid here from the jealous king). In all, more than 450 caves lie beneath Nottingham, the largest known grouping of caves in the country, and have been used for centuries for storage and defense.

Famous landmark in Nottingham is the Wollaton Hall and Park, standing on a natural hill three miles west of Nottingham City Centre, Wollaton Hall is set in five hundred acres of spectacular gardens and parkland. The hall was used as the setting for Wayne Manor in the 2012 Batman film, Dark Knight Rises. Another best attraction is the City of Caves, it is part of a hidden maze of over 500 original sandstone caves underneath the streets of Nottingham dating back to the dark ages. Part of the University of Nottingham, Highfields Park is a splendid 52-acre green space full of exotic plants and trees. Fun things to do here include boating, walking, picnicking, lawn bowls, croquet, and putting. Another park worth visiting is the splendid Arboretum, home to lovely gardens and some of the city's most popular festivals.

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