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Known as the Arab capital of Israel, Nazareth is home to a majority of Muslim Arabs with a mixed of Christian population. This place is believed to be the hometown of Jesus and has been a center for Christian pilgrimage. Aside from the Christian pilgrim sites, this vibrant city has some fun places to explore such as the Nazareth's old city. Walking along the cobbled streets you will find interesting souvenir shops and cafes as well as some of the city's oldest houses and coffee shops.

Nazareth is home to a number of churches and one of the most important is the Church of the Annunciation. It stands on the site which Catholic religion holds to be the home of Virgin Mary and where the Annunciation takes place. The Basilica has a grotto on the main floor and the main church is upstairs. Outside the church still within the premises there is a gift shop, museum and the St. Joseph Church.

Elbabour Spice Mill is a must visit if you want to explore the taste of the Middle East through its art of spices. Products include over 2,500 varieties of spice mixtures with the secret family recipes passed on from four generations. Aside from spices, you can purchase organic herbs and perfumes.

Mary's Well located in the heart of Nazareth is a fountain built over a well that was used by the public during the ancient times. It is also regarded as the place where angel Gabriel told Mary that she will carry the son of God. Today, there is no more water running to Mary's Well.

For a glimpse of the biblical history and a deeper understanding of the stories in the New Testament, Nazareth Village recreates the detail of ancient Galilean way of life portray by talented actors complete with costumes props.