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Standing on the River Thames, London, the country’s most populous city, is the capital and the financial center of England. It has a splendid and rich history that is evident in its famous landmarks and historical sites. The history and culture of London that has become richer as time goes by, making the tourists want to come back for more. London has so much to offer to tourists that it will take days to fully navigate through the city and explore its treasures. The Tower of London, the Tower Bridge, the Royal Exchange, the Mansion House, and Petticoat Lane are only some of the many attractions that London has to offer, and it is recommended that you stay here for at least for a week to leisurely tour the city’s main attractions. All Luxury Apartments is here to provide you with London vacation apartments to complete your holiday experience in this splendid city. Whether you’re planning a 7-day trip in London or a long-term English vacation, we got the right holiday apartments for you. All Luxury Apartments provides London vacation rentals that would guarantee a luxury vacation in this beautiful city.

One of the city’s most recognizable structures is the Tower Bridge. The two huge towers stand at 200 feet and rest on the River Thames. In between these two towers are two heavy drawbridges. Tour these towers and enrich your knowledge regarding the history of the Tower bridge through the exhibits within the tower. If you are up to it, you may also try the glass-covered walkway across the top of the bridge.

On the north bank of River Thames lies the famous Tower of London. This structure reflects everything of what England is. It has a fascinating history of pomp and pageantry. This is one of London’s most famous attraction, and when you see the place first hand, you would know why people keep on coming back to this glorious tower.

The Royal Exchange is a building that has stood the test of time. This magnificent structure has been erected since 1566 and has been rebuilt twice already. For several years, the Royal Exchange became the heart of London’s financial district. Currently, the Royal Exchange serves as a luxury shopping center in which locals and tourists unwind by shopping at luxury boutiques and dining at the restaurants and cafes.

Another noteworthy attraction is the Mansion House in London. This Palladian-style structure served two key purposes: as a ceremonial function and as a decorative function. The Lord Mayor officially resides in the Mansion House, and, on special occasions, the Lord Mayor makes an appearance. The elaborate rooms of the Mansion House display the decorative function of the structure, some of which include the Egyptian Hall, the Saloon, the Conference Room, and the Drawing Room. If possible, try adjusting your visit to London in September for the Open House London which allows you to access the areas that are not open to the public for the rest of the year.

One of the best ways to get the feel of the city is to immerse yourself in a local market wherein you can experience the daily rush of the city as you interact with the locals. London’s Petticoat Lane Market is one of the most popular markets in the city, and it is a good starting point in immersing yourself in the local markets. This busy and noisy area is a great place to purchase reasonably-priced items. Another market worth visiting is the beautiful Leadenhall Market which has a remarkable Victorian architecture that bears the classic character of London. It mostly holds boutique shops and cafes and is a wonderful place to relax after a day of sightseeing in London. Other remarkable markets include the Columbia Road Flower Market and Shops, and the Brick Lane Market, all of which has different personalities and characters.

If you’re wondering where to stay in London, try our holiday rentals at All Luxury Apartments for a hassle-free vacation in this beautiful city. We offer vacation rentals that would fit a range of location, budget, and duration of stay. With a number of accommodation choices, ranging from vacation apartments to holiday flats in London, All Luxury Apartments can provide house rentals—be it short term or long term—that would suit your needs.