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An island on the south of Thailand, Koh Samui is the second-largest Thai island in which there is an abundance of sandy beaches, coral reefs, and coconut trees. Samui is the perfect getaway destination for people who would like to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city life. The Ang Thong National Marine Park, the Big Buddha, the Fisherman’s Village, Koh Tao Island, and Na Muang waterfall are only some of the many attractions that Koh Samui has to offer, and it is recommended that stay here for at least four days to enjoy the beauty of the island. All Luxury Apartments is here to provide you with Samui holiday rentals for a hassle-free vacation on this beautiful island. Whether you’re planning a four-day trip or a long-term vacation in Koh Samui, we got the right rental properties for you. All Luxury Apartments provides luxury apartments and villas for rent in Samui that would guarantee a splendid vacation in this glorious Thai island.

One of the must-see attractions of Koh Samui is the Ang Thong National Marine Park wherein there are pristine white sand beaches, waterfalls, and hidden coves in its 42 islands. With more than a hundred kilometers of protected land and sea, the national marine park houses a rich exotic wildlife and marine animals. The park has numerous activities to offer to its visitors, some of which includes sea kayaking, snorkeling, diving, hiking, and relaxing. Highlights of the park include its limestone cliffs that can go up to 400 meters high, the four types of forests that are home to long-tailed monkeys, herons, iguanas, otters, pythons, sea eagles and sea turtles and the different kinds of colorful fish swimming in the nearby sea. With a large area to tour, it would take weeks to fully explore the park, but if you are only interested to see the highlights of the park, you may join an Ang Thong National Marine Park day trip.

Northeast of Koh Samui is a small rocky island wherein the Big Buddha temple lies. Locally known as Wat Phra Yai, the 12-meter golden Buddha statue is almost 5 decades old since it has been built in 1972. The Big Buddha can be seen kilometers from where it’s erected, and it remains as one of the island’s most popular attractions. It is often regarded as the first landmark that people see when flying to Koh Samui, making it one of the landmarks of the island. The sits on its temple, glimmering in the afternoon sun as is sits in a Mara posture. The Buddha’s left hand is resting on the lap, while the right hand is hanging loosely over the knees—a symbol of purity, steadfastness, and enlightenment—which depicts the time of Buddha’s journey to enlightenment when he resisted temptations and dangers thrown to him.

Located in Bophut is a lively area called Fisherman’s Village Samui wherein boutique stores and restaurants line the Beach Road. What used to be a thriving fishing village is now a commercial hub for tourists who are looking for a good place to dine and shop. The villages usually attract couples, older travelers, and frugal travelers. The beach side buildings, most of them restaurants, have a back entrance in which you can admire the view of the Koh Phangan. The restaurants here mostly specialize in Thai seafood, but there is also a range of international food outlets, and some pubs and bars. On Fridays, the area turns into the Fisherman’s Village Walking Street Market in which a variety of goods are sold. The Street Market has a lively atmosphere that attracts a large crowd of people.

On the north of Koh Samui is the Koh Tao Island, which is one of the top scuba diving destinations in Thailand. Literally meaning Turtle Island, Koh Tao has white sand beaches and crystalline waters in which you can swim and dive. Its waters have vibrant coral reefs wherein colorful sea creatures reside. Although it was only discovered in the 1980s, Koh Tao already has numerous resorts, restaurants, and nightlife establishments that would cater to almost every tourists’ taste. Some of the attractions on the island include the Haad Tien beach, the John-Suwan Viewpoint that offers great northern views, and the most photographed three islets of Koh Nangyuan

Another attraction that exhibits the beauty of Koh Samui is the Na Muang waterfalls located between the inland mountains of Nathon and Hua Thanon. Although there are several waterfalls in the island, Na Muang is the most picturesque of them all. Nicknamed as the Purple Waterfall, it has a set of two cascades: Na Muang 1, which flows into a natural pool, and Na Muang 2, the smaller but picturesque waterfall that’s about a 30-minute uphill walk. It is important to note that there is no entry charge to the waterfall, so beware of so-called local guides who are asking for fees to provide some assistance. The route to Na Muang is easy to travel, just make sure that you wear proper gear for this.

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