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Rental Insurance

Trip Cancellation

Travel with Peace of Mind.

We know that vacations and getaways don’t always go as planned. When you need assistance with changing your plans due to trip cancellation or holiday interruption due to various reasons, you need a rental insurance plan in place to help you navigate these unforeseen circumstances.

Our rental insurance available through our partner helps you take the worry out of your holidays and travel prepared and with peace of mind. If your holiday is canceled or interrupted due to any of the reasons below, your rental insurance comes into effect.


Trip Cancellation:

Reasons for holiday cancellation that are covered by your rental insurance policy with us include serious illness, accident, death, major home damage, lay-offs, professional relocation, roadblocks, strikes and any pregnancy complications up till the 28th week.

Deposit / down payment + sums due, limited to €15,000.


Holiday Interruption:

Adar rental insurance includes trip cancellation and holiday interruption coverage that can reimburse your pre-paid non-refundable travel expenses if you become sick or injured and are unable to travel. Reasons for holiday interruption that are covered by your rental insurance policy with us include serious illness, death, major home damage and unavailability of accommodations. This benefit can also cover financial default of an airline, involuntary termination/lay off from your job and more. Find out more about Adar’s rental insurance policy that we offer here (add link).

Rent for unused portion of holidays, limited to €15,000.

It’s advisable to purchase rental insurance for every travel group (single, couple, family, other) staying at one residence. If you want your entire party to be covered, you need to provide names of each of your party member within 10 days after your rental reservation. Use of additional residences would require additional rental insurance per lodging.