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Rental Insurance

Rental Fraud

All our listed properties are anti-fraud guarantee.

Just as travelers get rental insurance to protect themselves from personal liability and damage to the property, we have extended our rental insurance to rental fraud. This covers cases where the traveler gets to the destination and finds that it does not match what’s been promised online. This can range from a booking that does not have the amenities promised in its description and glossy photos to poor service or even offering an accommodation that is completely different and inadequate.

Our rental insurance includes rental fraud protection to protect travelers from vacation rental scams. This can range from our partners that provide pictures of non-existent properties to those that charge upfront fees but disappear when the travelers arrive. Other scams include double-booking properties and giving the second traveler a lower quality backup with no reimbursement.

With All Luxury Apartments, we take effort to verify our property listings with homeowners and management companies. We’ve been offering short term rentals and long term rentals for over 15 years. All our listed properties have been visited by one of our team member. We are trusted simplicity by everyone we work with, from our owner members, guest members, and corporations. We are also committed to providing you with exceptional travel experiences, easy booking, and luxury accommodations. We’re happy to help you with resolving any concerns that may come up during your stay.

When booking with us, your rental is safe and secured.