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Rental Insurance

Damage Protection

When Accidents Occur.

Things don't always go as planned. While you may have the best of intentions as a guest staying at one of our luxury properties, you or someone in your travel group, may have an unexpected accident. Accidents happen all the time, but they do not have to spoil your vacation.

With the right rental insurance plan, you’re covered in the likelihood of such unforeseen events. We include damage protection in our rental insurance through Adar Insurance.

Your Rental Damage Protection provides coverage for you and your companions to protect yourselves from additional expenses if accidental damages occur to a rental property during your short term rental or long-term rental stay.


What’s Included:

Our Rental Damage Protection plan under our rental insurance policy offers coverage for accidental, unintentional damage to your rental home that includes broken lamps, broken windows, broken/shattered glass, electronics, damaged doors, walls and furniture, stained bedding or linens, carpet stains, furniture tears, lost keys and re-keying costs.

No one expects to damage a rental property, but accidents do happen. It is recommended to that you have damage protection in your rental insurance if you are traveling with children, pets or in a group. It is also recommended to have damage protection in your rental insurance policy if you are staying at a luxury short-term or long-term apartment rental like we provide at All Luxury Apartments.

Accidental Damage Protection covers accidental damages to a rental unit during your renter’s stay. It does not cover normal wear and tear.

This plan can provide coverage for damage caused by pets, as long as having pets at the rental is permitted by the vacation rental owner or property manager. Pet damage is not covered however if the pet's presence in the rental violates the rental agreement.