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Haifa is a coastal city located on the Mediterranean shoreline, setting on the slopes of Mt. Carmel. It is the third largest city in Israel with a population of about 450,000 people belonging to different communities such as the Jews, Muslim and the Christian Arabs. Haifa is home to some of UNESCO World Heritage Site landmarks and fascinating art gallery and museums. Beach lovers and wind surfers may take advantage the calm waters of Haifa's best beaches. Beachfront cafes and bars are lining up along the promenade serving delectable dishes to satisfy your cravings.

One of the major draws for tourists is the Baha’i Gardens and Shrine, a landmark monument of Israel. Landscaped terraced gardens, the tomb of Mirza Ali Mohammed and its golden dome are the distinct features of this place. It is recognized as World Heritage site for its cultural and natural beauty.

Some attractions of Haifa are a place of pilgrimage such as the Elijah’s Cave. It is believed that the prayer hall of this cave was Elija's home and place of worship. Dressing modestly is advised as a sign of respect for the pilgrims you may encounter during your visit.

Just opposite the Elija's cave is the Stella Maris Carmelite Monastery. It is situated high above Haifa and the best way to reach the place is by riding a cable car. A spectacular panoramic views of Haifa bay and of the city awaits you at the top.

Louis Promenade is a perfect place for a stroll, it is open daily for 24 hours and admission is free. This 400 meters long promenade offers a magnificent view of the bay. You may even spot the peak of Mount Hermon, Israel's tallest mountain summit on a clear day.

Kids and kids at heart will surely enjoy a visit to Mada Tech, an interactive science museum that offers fun hands-on activities and various exhibitions where visitors can learn about science and understand how it works. One of the exhibit is a crash simulator which proves the needs of using seatbelts while driving.