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Detroit is the largest city in Michigan and the main cultural center being home to various significant architectural structures and having a rich musical and art heritage. This city is called as 'Motown' or the motor city being home to biggest automobile makers in America and Berry Gordy Jr, a Detroit songwiter label his company as Motown Records. It has been one of the greatest recording company as most of Motown songs released has been a successful hit one after the other. With a prominent music scene, Detroit celebrates annual events such as Electronic Music Festival, Woodward Dream Cruise and the International Jazz Festival.

Detroit boasts a number of art galleries and museums, and one of must visits is the Motown Museum. This museum holds the legacy of the Motown Sound. It exhibits the Motown history and shows how the power of music can influence people. Museum gallery features rare photos of Motown's momentous events. It also displays some of the performers' coordinated wardrobes. Visitors may get inside the legendary Studio A, its where the artists recorded phenomenal musics and performances.

One of the popular attractions is the Detroit Public Library. More than the book collections, the building itself is the main attraction. Inside the building are full of significant architectural details in Italian Renaissance style. Opened in 1865 and moved to its present location in 1921, this museum is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

In the middle of the Detroit River is the Belle Isle which literally means beautiful island. This was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted who also designed the Central Park in New York. This 982 acre park is complete with a casino, a conservatory, a museum and an aquarium. The island is home to animals that dwell in the woods, and birds stop over here during migration. Named as the 'Jewel of Detroit' because of its natural features combined with its cultural and architectural value.

One of the popular destination that it had to extend its space to accommodate more people is the Z Garage. It features wall arts made by 27 mural artists across the world. This garage has around 1,300 parking slots and 10 floors housing retail stores and restaurants.With the collaboration of many artist, they were able to materialized their concept of driving through an art gallery.