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Dartmouth is a beautiful harbour town in South Devon situated on the banks of the River Dart. This riverside location is perfect for water sports enthusiasts. Sailing, kayaking, paddle boarding or taking a river cruise are the activities you may enjoy. Walking and hiking that will lead to some of incredible views, are another outdoor activities to enjoy as Dartmouth has numerous scenic walking routes and trail path. Shopping is a fun thing to do in Dartmouth with its varieties of independent shops,boutiques and art galleries. Restaurants and cafes are abundant too offering a wide range of food selections aside from the local fresh seafoods.

One of the main attractions is the Dartmouth Castle which has been the first line of defense and kept the town safe for over 600 years. This castle's beautiful location is now the main attraction for visitors enjoying the relaxing views of the estuary and out to the sea. Standing alongside the castle is the church of St Petrox, the oldest of the three parish churches in town. This church is most popular for weddings due to its stunning location.

Dartmouth's last line of defense, Bayards Cove Fort was built to protect the coastal town. Eleven gunports for heavy artillery were installed surrounding the ground floor on a sea level. It was intended to engage on enemy vessels that have passed along the first line of defense. At present time this fort has been a favorite spot for watching sunset and became one of the most visited area in town.

If you are interested to know more about the towns fascinating history, Dartmouth Museum will walk you through the maritime history of Dartmouth up to the present time. This museum has a collection of artifacts and town memorabilia. You may purchase a souvenir at the museum shop.

Dartmouth Visitor Centre is a multi award winner for Tourist Information Service. They provide information about local events and attractions, as well as travel arrangements and advice for accommodation. They will help you plan out your itinerary for the whole duration of your visit.