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Cyprus is one of Europe’s top tourist destinations and over 2 million people visit each year. Cyprus is known for its beautiful sandy beaches with clean waters – the European Environment Agency recognizes Cyprus’s beaches as the cleanest in Europe. For swimming and other water sports, the island boasts over 40 official blue flag beaches. From each city, you can enjoy a part of the Mediterranean Sea, with the most expansive coastlines being Larnarca, Famagusta, Aiya Napa, Kyrenia, Limassol and Paphos. One of the top reasons for visiting Cyprus is the incredible weather. The summer months are warm and dry, and perfect for enjoying the island’s many beaches. Even in winter you’ll find the weather is warm compared to most parts of Europe. For many people this makes Cyprus the ideal holiday destination all year round.

Avakas Gorge is one of the best places in Cyprus to see some of the island’s most undisturbed natural landscapes. It is a trekker paradise in the island and can be explored from either the costal area west of Ayios Georgios Peyias or from the south of Arodhes village in the Laona area. There are large rock formations, with most impressive being the southern part. The Gorge is about 3 km in length and it offers spectacular views and a generous introduction to local flora and fauna. The visitor can see in the gorge pine trees, cypresses, junipers, wild fig trees, ferns and oaks among other trees as well as a profusion of wild flowers like the extremely rare endemic centauria akamandis with its purple flowers that blossoms in the spring. Fauna life includes foxes, hares, falcons, crows, night owls, butterflies and a large number of reptiles.

Limassol is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Cyprus, both for its fabulous beaches and its cultural offerings. Local attractions include the Amathus Archaeological Site, Kolossi Castle, the ancient city of Kourion, Limassol Zoo, Old Town and the Castle of Limassol, and Limassol District Archaeological Museum.

One of Cyprus’s most beautiful highlights is the Blue Lagoon Akamas but arriving at this remote and breathtaking area is not as easy as one might think. The easiest way to see the pristine blue waters of Blue Lagoon Akamas is by boat. Should you decide to arrive via road, you will have to rent or own a 4-wheel drive vehicle. The road to the lagoon is long and treacherous, so always use extreme caution, but once you arrive, you will enjoy a variety of water activities including snorkeling in the crystal clear waters of this remarkably beautiful out of the way place in Cyprus.

Probably one of the most famous areas for lace in Cyprus, the region of Lefkara is one of the best places in Cyprus to spend a relaxing afternoon. Made up of quaint cobbled streets, Lefkara is possibly one of the prettiest villages to see when you’re on the island. Plus, apparently, Leonardo da Vinci actually headed to Lefkara in the 15th Century, on a mission to get the best lace cloth for the Duomo di Milano.