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With its stunning beaches and centuries-old cultural attractions, Corsica truly lives up to its nickname—the Island of Beauty. A popular holiday destination, Corsica is the ultimate paradise for beach lovers and sports enthusiasts. Ajaccio, the lively town of Calvi, Bonifacio, the Gulf of Porto, the Scandola Nature Reserve, Porto Vecchio, Plage de Santa Giulia, Plage de Palombaggia, and Rondinara are only some of the many attractions that this French island boasts, and it is recommended that you stay here for at least a week to see the highlights of the place and to enjoy its beauty. All Luxury Apartments is here to provide you with holiday rentals for a hassle-free vacation in this French island. Whether you’re planning a week-long trip or a long-term vacation in Corsica, we got the right rental properties for you. All Luxury Apartments provides luxury cottages and beach house rentals that would guarantee a luxury vacation in Corsica.

On the western coast of Corsica is the island’s capital, Ajaccio. With its seaside setting and snow-capped mountains surrounding it, Ajaccio’s beauty never fails to enchant its visitors. Despite its popularity, Ajaccio maintains a relaxed and peaceful environment that the tourists love. The Maison Bonaparte, located on Rue-Saint Charles, is the birthplace of the first emperor of France, Napoleon Bonaparte. What used to be the Bonaparte residence is now a museum that houses portraits, weapons, and family documents. On Borgu d’Ajaccio’s is another attraction that honors the late emperor Bonaparte, the Palais Fesch, wherein a gallery that exhibits pictures and collections of orders and medals of the Bonaparte family is located. In the heart of Ajaccio is the grand square called Place de Gaulle wherein an equestrian statue of Napoleon is erected, while in Ajaccio’s Old Town is The Cathedral of Notre-Dame de la Miséricorde wherein Eugène Delacroix’s Du Sacré Côur is displayed.

On the northwestern coast of Corsica is a lively town called Calvi wherein the perfect blend of cultural and natural attractions are located. One of the most popular holiday destinations, Calvi has numerous attractions and activities to offers to its visitors. Calvi’s marina is postcard ready, with beautiful beaches located nearby wherein sunbathers and swimmers lounge around. The ancient citadel that dates back to the 13th-century contains the former governor’s palace, the law court, the town hall, a college, and the Cathedral of Saint-Jean-Baptiste, which was founded in the 13th-century. A famous crucifix can be found in the cathedral along with fine woodcarving examples. Another church attraction in Calvi called the Church of Santa Maria can be found near the harbor, and it has been classified as a historic monument in 1988. An event to watch out for in Calvi is the summertime jazz festival, so if you would like to experience an even livelier Calvi, make sure that you time your visit to the week-long festival’s schedule.

Another beautiful Corsican town is located on the south side of the island—Bonifacio. A town surrounded by ancient walls, the fortified town of Bonifacio has an Old World atmosphere that transports you back in time. With its medieval lanes, old houses, and century-old architectural stunners, Bonifacio has many attractions to offer to its visitors. At the heart of Bonifacio is the Eglise Sainte-Marie-Majeure which has been erected since the 12th-century. Its interior, which consists of Romanesque columns and arches, with a marble tabernacle in the sanctuary from the 15th-century, never fails to awe the tourists. Another must-see is the Gothic church called Eglise Saint-Dominique that boasts a 15th-century tower and a group of carved wooden figures. In addition to the cultural attractions of the town, Bonifacio is also located near Corsica's largest natural reserve, Bouches de Bonifacio, which is on the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

A Corsican UNESCO World Heritage Site is located in the heart of Corsica's Regional Natural Park—the Gulf of Porto. The Gulf of Porto is a protected nature reserve wherein the Calanques de Piana and the Scandola Nature Reserve are located. The Calanques de Piana is the red granite cliffs that rise 300 meters above the sea. This rock formation, wherein there is Mediterranean vegetation and impressive bird life creates an amazing landscape and is one of the top natural attractions of the island. The Scandola Nature Reserve, another UNESCO-accredited site, is located near the Piana. Established in 1975, the reserve, in addition to the amazing views that it provides, offers the best snorkeling and scuba diving in Corsica. Due to its remoteness, the reserve can only be accessed by a boat, but traveling to this area is certainly worth your time because of its marine life and the numerous activities that it offers.

Corsico is also home to the most beautiful white sand beaches in France, and some of which are located in the port town called Porto Vecchio. In addition to the remains of its protective walls and 18th-century citadel, tourists flock to this town for its sandy beaches. The Plage de Palombaggia, Porto Vecchio’s most famous beach, is a 3-kilometer beach known for its sandy shores and crystalline waters. The Plage de Santa Giulia, another excellent beach in the area, is renowned for its fine sand and turquoise blue waters. Also located along the south coast of the island is Rondinara, a beach with two rocky promontories at its side. This beach has numerous services available, and can easily be accessed when you’re in Porto Vecchio and Bonifacio.

If you’re wondering where to stay in Corsica, try our holiday home rentals at All Luxury Apartments for a hassle-free vacation in this beautiful French island. We offer a range of luxury vacation rentals that would fit your desired location, budget, and duration of stay. With a number of accommodation choices, ranging from holiday cottages to beach house rentals in Corsica, All Luxury Apartments can provide Corsica vacation rentals—be it short term or long term—that would suit your needs.