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A paradise overlooking the Ionian Sea, Corfu is a town full of elegant Italianate architecture and pristine sandy beaches that attract tourists from all over the world. Its beaches, the Old Fortress, the Esplanade, the Archaeological Museum, the Monastery of Paleokastritsa and Aqualand are only some of the attractions that Corfu offers to its visitors. To truly see the beauty of the place, it is recommended that you stay at least 5 days in the majestic island. All Luxury Apartments is here to provide you with luxury vacation rentals in Corfu to complete your holiday experience. Whether you’re planning a 5-day trip or a long-term vacation in Corfu, we got the right travel accommodations for you. All Luxury Apartments provides holiday rentals that would guarantee a luxury vacation in this beautiful Greek island.

Lying on a small rocky peninsula is the Old Fortress which is the first thing that you will see when you arrive at Corfu. The citadel was erected on the site of an older castle by the Venetians in 1546, and it can be accessed through the 60-meter long pathway that replaced the movable wooden bridge that the British used up until 1819. The Old Fortress is open to the public, and you may enter it through the fortress entrance situated in Spiniada, the second largest square in Europe. Inside the fortress is a small church, the Church of St. George, that only operates one a year to celebrate the memory of St. George. The Old Fortress also offers magnificent views of Corfu’s west side and the eastside of the sea towards Albania.

Nearby the Old Fortress is a large green space that is regarded as the second largest European square—the Esplanade. The main social center of Corfu, the Esplanade is the most significant monument of the town. What used to be an empty lot now houses the finest cafes and restaurants in Corfu wherein customers can sit back and relax as they go people watching. There are locals who play cricket on the lawns of the Esplanade, and there are also brass bands who occasionally play in the square, so make sure that you watch out for those.

Another point of interest in Corfu is the Archaeological Museum wherein findings from Paleopolis, Kanoni, Garitsa, and Kassiopi are exhibited. Housed in a modern building on Vraila Amerni street, the museum exhibits excavation findings dating from the Prehistoric to the Hellenistic times, some of which includes bronze and marble statues, golden jewelry, funeral offerings, clay pottery, ancient coins, and parts of ancient temples. Gorgona-Medusa, which dates from 585 BC, can be found here, and it’s the museum’s most important exhibit. Other important exhibits of the museum include the stone lion of Menecrates, 13 identical small statues of Artemis, and a marble torso of Apollo.

Located on a green hill above the beach is the Monastery of Paleokastritsa. The Monastery of Paleokastritsa, which dates back to the 13th century, dominates the whole region, and it is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Inside the monastery is a small ecclesiastical museum wherein rare Byzantine icons, holy books, and other relics are exhibited. The road to the monastery is lined with olive and cypress trees, and a working traditional olive oil press can be found inside the monastery.

One of the exciting attractions of Corfu is the Aqualand, which can be found near the Agios Ioannis village. Placed in the middle of the island, the 75,000-square meter Aqualand is regarded as the most amazing European water park. Numerous waters games are offered here, some of which includes the Black Hole, the Lazy River, the Kamikazes, the Multislide, the Crazy River, and the Freefall, and there are pools that offer seven kinds of waves. The water park has a number of amenities, including a mini market, picnic area, snack kiosks, bars, and sunbeds. With its bouncing castles, playgrounds, and an arcade room, the water park is ideal for families.

In addition to Aqualand, Corfu is also home to Greek’s most beautiful beaches, one of which includes the Paleokastritsa beach. Located near the Monastery of Paleokastritsa, the sandy Paleokastritsa beach is one of the most picturesque beaches on the island which is famous for its cold waters and beautiful environment. The Agios Gordios beach is one of the most popular in Corfu. Surrounded by the lush green forests, the Agios Gordios is nested in a mountain and is famous for its crystal clear waters that are ideal for swimming and playing water sports. Another famous beach in Corfu is the Glyfada, which is located 16 kilometers west of Corfu town. Its crystalline waters have been awarded the Blue Flag, and its beach offers a variety of amenities, some of which includes sunbeds, umbrellas, shops, watersports facilities, and taverns. Glyfada is usually noisy and attracts a younger crowd, so make sure that you take note of this before visiting Glyfada.

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