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Situated in Central Europe, Austria oozes with imperial charm, natural beauty, rugged alpine terrain accompanied by cool fresh air. It is often called “heaven on earth” by those who visit because it’s just so beautiful that when you’re there, it feels like you’re standing within the pages of a fairytale. Mountainous landscapes, charming villages, and a passion for coffee and cake are just a handful of reasons why paying a visit to Austria is a must. If you love spending time hiking, swimming, snowboarding, skiing and mountain climbing, then Austria is the place you want to be. A country that seamlessly transitions from the imperial palaces and grandiose architecture of Vienna to the emerald green mountains and crystal clear lakes of mountain towns such as Zell am See; there is no shortage of beautiful countryside and impressive history to delight its visitors making Austria one of the top destinations to visit.

For travelers who are looking for the ultimate in natural scenery, and wilderness adventures, the town of Zell am See is a must-visit destination in Austria. It is surrounded by majestic alpine mountains, world-class ski slopes, and tranquil blue lakes. Zell am See hosts numerous outdoor recreation events throughout the year, including a number ski and snowboard competitions.

Recognizable to some as the backdrop to some of the central scenes in The Sound of Music, Mondsee is a lake in the Upper Austrian part of the Salzkammergut and near the larger Attersee. Loaded with everything from UNESCO-attested cave dwellings to golf courses and sailing clubs, it’s easy to see why this postcard-perfect retreat remains popular amongst locals looking to escape the city.

Salzkammergut - a UNESCO World Heritage Site - is an Austrian resort area surrounded by serene blue lakes, verdant hills, and snow-peaked mountain ranges, that for over a century has served as one of the countries prime tourist destinations. Outdoor recreational activities are prominent in the area, including mountaineering, horseback riding, swimming and cycling.

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