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Brussels - Louise Stephanie III G
BRUSSELS  -  2 Bed, 2 Bath
Brussels - Louise Stephanie Iii G
€ 3 600 / Month
€ 220 / Night
Brussels - Louise Stephanie II
BRUSSELS  -  2 Bed, 2 Bath
Brussels - Louise Stephanie Ii
€ 3 600 / Month
€ 230 / Night
Brussels - Louise Stephanie III D
BRUSSELS  -  3 Bed, 2 Bath
Brussels - Louise Stephanie Iii D
€ 5 500 / Month
€ 280 / Night
Brussels - Louise Stephanie IV D
BRUSSELS  -  4 Bed, 2 Bath
Brussels - Louise Stephanie Iv D
€ 6 000 / Month
€ 350 / Night

Brussels Attractions

Brussels, Belgium’s capital, is a relatively small city. However, what lies beyond its size are popular attractions that made the city the main educational and economic hub. Brussels is the principal seat of the Belgian Royal Family and it is the capital of European Union. The sites and activities that Brussels has to offer are enough to keep you busy and entertained for a few days. The Grand Palace, the Atomium, the Saint-Michael Cathedral, Belgian Comic Strip Center, and the Belgian Royal Museum of Fine Arts are only some of the many attractions that this city boasts, and it is recommended that you stay here for at least three days to enjoy the city and see its main attractions.