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Crime Rate in Prague: What You Need to Know

September 08, 2021
Try to find a city on this Earth that doesn't see even a speck of crime. You can't? Probably because it doesn't exist! No city, no matter how wealthy, beautiful, and all, is crime-free. That' the sad reality of th world right now. While some may be safer than others, you can't say that no crimes ever happen there, be they big or small. However, there are cities that have exceptionally low crime rates. And yes, though seemingly unbelievable at first, they're possible and they exist! Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, is a prime example.

Crime Rate in Prague: What You Need to Know


Prague's Crime Rate Right Now

As of this writing, Prague's crime rate is at 16.48%, one of the lowest in the world. Now, while it may imply that the Czech capital is a safe city, it doesn't explicitly prove that. However, compared to those of Paris, Rome, Brussels, and more, the difference is quite stark. Even the rate of increasing crimes in the past few years is at a moderate 40.58%, again, substantially lower than those in its neighboring countries' capitals. Perhaps such low crime rates are perks of being an underrated country and capital city? Possible. But one thing's for sure: Prague is much safer than the most famous European cities. 


The Most Common Crimes in Prague

Still, as with any other city, there are crimes that are commonly committed here in Prague. They may not have high rates, per se, but you should still look out for them. As of this writing, corruption & bribery have the highest crime rate of 52.55%. Fairly moderate in general, but remains a cause for concern, most especially for people working or finding a job in the capital city. After that, the second highest-rated crime is car theft. If you plan on buying and owning a car whilst in Prague, make sure you have a secure garage to store it in. 


Crime Rate in Prague: What You Need to Know


Crimes You Still Have to Watch Out For

Vandalism and theft take the third spot among the highest-rated crimes committed here in Prague. At only 35.96%, it's considered low but you still might see the results of such deviant acts in some areas throughout the many Prague neighborhoods. Fortunately, however, the Czech capital remains a beautiful city overall. The fourth highest-rated crime, on the other hand, is drug-dealing. It seems not even Prague can escape Europe's big drug problem. You'd probably see this crime committed in either dark streets and alleyways or sketching nightlife districts. Always be aware of what people are selling you on the street. Without your knowledge, it might already be an illegal substance. 


How Safe is it to Walk Around in Prague?

It's a good thing that Prague's general crime rate is considerably low. Because of this, it's actually extremely safe to walk around the city. Whether you take public transport or you just want to explore the capital on foot, you virtually have nothing to worry about whilst in Prague. Walking in the daytime currently has a safety rate of 93.01%, one of the highest among many European cities. While at night, the rate drops to a moderate 74.90%, touch it's still considered high as well. Despite such positive rates, however, you should still be on your guard at all costs. 


Crime Rate in Prague: What You Need to Know


Prague Areas You Should Avoid

As Prague has very fine districts, even this city can't avoid having a few dangerous areas as well. These are the ones you ought not to venture into, most especially when you're alone. Bartolomějská, also known as the "Old Town District." for instance, frequently sees a lot of car thefts and drug-dealing, two of the four highest-rated crimes in Prague. The grittier area of Smíchov, on the other hand, is notorious for seeing disorderly conduct practically on a daily basis. Meanwhile, Malá Strana, whilst a tourist area, is a sketch part of the city where break-ins often happen. 


Tips to Stay Safe in Prague

As already mentioned, it will benefit you to always stay on your guard, even if you're in a safe part of Prague during the daytime. You never know who might be lurking in the shadows, waiting for you to let your guard down, and make you a victim of their crimes. Staying within the more upscale part of the capital city is also a good idea, which is why you'd benefit a lot if you chose a luxury rental for your accommodation here. And at night, if you really have to go out, make sure you have people—preferably locals—with you at all times. 


Crime Rate in Prague: What You Need to Know


Even though Prague isn't exactly the most popular and most visited capital city in Europe, it does have the unique distinction of having one of the lowest crime rates in the region. That alone should catch people's attention more!





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