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Transportation Apps You Need to Download in The Czech Republic

September 07, 2021
With its fairytale-like castles, centuries-old structures, and many traditions, it's easy to think that Prague is an old city. One where you might not see the latest technology or possibly even get no internet here at all. But that's just the conceptions that you and probably a lot of people have about the city at face-value. And you might think, 'if Prague is like this, what more the rest of the Czech Republic?' Well, let go of all your assumptions because the country, as a whole, is completely updated with technology. You can even make use of these great apps to help you travel around here.

Transportation Apps You Need to Download in The Czech Republic



Yes, you can download and use what is still considered the quintessential and ultimate ride-hailing app, Uber. It's the most used and most popular app of its kind in the world, most especially in the West since it has since stopped operations in many Asian countries. But it still works here in the Czech Republic, and for years, it's been the go-to online transportation program for those who need a ride but don't want to use public transport. With a choice of luxury private cars and taxis, a comfortable ride to any destination is only a tap away. 



Though if you prefer to just ride a taxi, Liftago is a good alternative too. The best part about it is that they only hire professional taxi drivers, those with experience driving around big cities. Sure, you can always hail a cab off the street, but when it's so busy outside, it'd probably best to use this app instead. Not only will a taxi go right to where you are, but you're also guaranteed to reach your destination in time. Taxi drivers are often more knowledgeable about driving around cities. They know what shortcuts to take, which parts would be traffic at certain times, and the like. 


Transportation Apps You Need to Download in The Czech Republic



Another taxi-hailing app you can use is HOPIN. True to its name, this nifty program is easy to use and all you really have to do is hop in and enjoy the ride. Though it's rather limited—you can only use it in select cities including Prague—its nonetheless just as useful as the aforementioned programs. Arguably the best part about this platform is that it presents crystal clear and accurate info on who your taxi driver will be, what time he/she will pick you up fro your current spot, and the estimated time of arrival. You can't go wrong with such an app! 



Despite its funny name. BlaBlaCar is actually a popular and efficient ride-hailing app here in the Czech Republic as well. It's actually one of the most used carpooling apps of its kind in the country. At times, it simply can't be helped that you have to ride with others in order to get to your destination on time. This program allows you to do so, at the same time ensuring your safety whilst using the service and even getting you to meet pleasant fellow users who are going on the same route as you. 


Transportation Apps You Need to Download in The Czech Republic


Prague on Bike

Staying in the capital? A good way to travel around and even sneak in an exercise is to go cycling. With so much beauty to offer, riding a bike to explore the city is a great idea. However, you didn't exactly bring your bike with you here, did you? Well, instead of buying one—which can cost a lot—you can rent one with the help of Prague on Bike app. The go-to cycling app in this city, it will tell you where the nearest and best rentals are, and the routes you ought to go on here. 



If you have no choice but to take public transportation to go wherever you need to be, then download Pubtran. This program will give you all the info you need to lessen the hassle of commuting in a Czech city. Just type in your current location and your destination and it will tell you which public transport system is the best option, the schedule you need to follow, and more. With each city in this country having its own sets of complex systems, this app is the best aid to keep you on track and to avoid getting lost. 



Google Maps is undeniably a helpful app for any traveler anywhere int he world. But there's also nod denying that this program hasn't exactly been all that accurate offer the years. So here in the Czech Republic, apart from Google Maps, downloading and using Mapy.cz will benefit you greatly in your travels. Serving as a local version of the popular Google platform, this app's map is comparatively more accurate. not to mention it will show you more images and share more info about the places you need to go to and ones that you'll pass along the way. 


Transportation Apps You Need to Download in The Czech Republic


Here in the Czech Republic, you can still use various apps to aid in your many travels. Whether it's getting a ride or taking public transportation, it'd benefit you a lot to download and use these online platforms while you're here. 

You'd also benefit a lot by choosing a luxurious Czech rental as your accommodation here. They're mostly easy to locate on any of these useful transportation apps.



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