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How The Job Market is in The Czech Republic

September 07, 2021
The Czech Republic deserves a lot more attention. For years, it's been a rising European powerhouse, well on its way to becoming a major playing in the world. It might have had quite the checkered past, but for the past few decades, it has proven to be a country worth looking into. As well as worth working into as well. As its neighboring countries face troubling times. The Czech Republic is actually on an upward trajectory, especially when it comes to its job market. Looking more into it, it's plain to see that this European nation is one to watch out for.

How The Job Market is in The Czech Republic


The Czech Republic's Unemployment Rate 

A country's unemployment rate is always a good indication of how its job market is currently doing. The fewer people there are without a job, the more promising a country looks in terms of its workforce. For now, as of this writing, the Czech Republic's unemployment rate is at 3.80%, one of the lowest in Europe. Even with the current COVID-19 pandemic affecting most countries today, this nation is able to keep many of its residents employed. That in of itself is quite a feat and it goes to show how stable its job market is right now. 


The Effect of Becoming an EU Member

It's not only now that the Czech Republic's job market has seen quite a positive change. For many years now, this country's job market as well as the economy has been growing and stabilizing. Many have attributed its steady rise in the right direction to its entering the European Union back in 2004. Since then, becoming a part of the union's open economy has enabled international companies to start operating here. Such big organizations have brought on lots of money and gave several jobs to a lot of people. As well as allowing foreigners to get in on the action and work in the Czech Republic. 


How The Job Market is in The Czech Republic


The Strong Sectors in the Czech Republic

But which sectors of the Czech Republic's workforce are getting strong, exactly? They're primarily tourism, telecommunications, and the automotive industry. Though, as expected, tourism is weakening a bit due to the current pandemic, but before that, it was a thriving industry in the country. It employed millions, both locals and expats, and kept the economy strong. The growth of telecommunications, on the other hand, wa yet another result of the country joining the EU's open economy. Most especially when international mobile networks started operating here. While a strong demand for vehicles allowed the automotive industry to rise up as well. 


The Industries that Hire the Most

As one of the strongest sectors in the Czech Republic's job market today, tourism remains an industry that hired the most. From management roles to cleaning staff, there are so many positions on offer within this field that many have gone onto import workers to the country to have them filled up. In Prague alone, hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, and more are looking for new hires. IT is also seeing a major boost in the number of employees, most especially within international companies. The need for a strong presence in the digital landscape has garnered a lot of demand for technology-related jobs. 


How The Job Market is in The Czech Republic


The Language Barrier for Expats

In terms of working in the Czech Republic as a foreign employee, it's not exactly the same here as in other European countries. It was only fairly recently that the nation opened up and became a member of the EU, which means it's not exactly as global a city as the likes of Paris, Brussels, and Berlin. A lot of employers here would prefer their workers to know, even just a little bit, how to speak Czech. Some even put it as a requirement for their positions. Although, there are still jobs like English teachers and translators here that don't have the need to know the language. 


The Typical Gross Salaries to Expect

As with any other job market, the one in the Czech Republic has salaries that vary substantially in terms of field, position, and at times, even company. Though since the economy is quite stable and the job market has been rising up in recent years, it's safe to say that most gross salaries here can maintain a humble standard lifestyle. For instance, a receptionist and a shop assistant would commonly earn the gross salaries of 28,000.00 Kč and 25,000.00 Kč respectively. Not exactly high but enough to keep them satisfied. While those in managerial positions can earn up to a gross salary of 130,000.00 Kč. 


How The Job Market is in The Czech Republic


Despite its tumultuous past and the many problems the world is facing today, the Czech Republic's job market is going surprisingly strong. It just goes to show that being an underrated country has its perks!

In fact, if you work here, you might even be able to earn enough to get a luxurious Czech home! Isn't it tempting?



Prague, Czech Republic
120 € / night    
1 bedroom1 bathroom4
Prague, Czech Republic
150 € / night    
1 bedroom1 bathroom5
Prague, Czech Republic
180 € / night    
2 bedrooms1 bathroom6
Prague, Czech Republic
280 € / night    
3 bedrooms1 bathroom6