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Applying for a Visa to The Czech Republic

September 03, 2021
The Czech Republic deserves more love than it's receiving now. One of the more underappreciated members of the EU, the country is just as beautiful and fascinating as the rest of them. But how will people know this if they only focus on the more famous nations of France, Italy, Spain, and the like? As the saying goes, 'you have to see it to believe it.' And it applies to the Czech Republic. You won't believe what they're hiding there! Though you ought to travel there yourself to find out. For that, you'll need a visa, and here's how to apply for one.

Applying for a Visa to The Czech Republic


Getting a Schengen Visa

Though you can still get into the Czech Republic with a Schengen Visa, it's better if you apply for one—if you still don't have one already, that is— through your country's Czech embassy. To put it bluntly, the Czech Republic isn't exactly similar to the likes of France, Spain, and Belgium. Though the country is a pleasant place to go to and actually live in, it has its own apprehensions when it comes to the EU's open-border policy. Immigration officers here would better appreciate and will likelier let you enter the country if you got a visa that's directly from them, so to speak. 


Where to Apply

So, when you plan on applying for a Czech Schengen Visa, where do you start? A good place is your own country's Czech embassy. Though it might seem impossible that your country will have one, trust that there will be. And if there is. set up an appointment and ask how you can start the process. Or, an easier alternative is to go online to VFS Global and fill up the application form there. It's also on that site where you'll see the list of documents you'll need to show the embassy the moment you ahve to submit all requirements. 


Applying for a Visa to The Czech Republic


The Documents You Need

Get ready because applying for a Schengen Visa, be it a Czech one or not, will keep you busy. Why? Because you have to get and photocopy the documents required for this application process. They include your valid passport, an ID photo, travel confirmation, proof of employment, and evidence fo sufficient funds for your trip. Also, if you can, include a detailed itinerary of your trip, confirmation of accommodation, and a signed letter of invitation by the person or entity that invited you to go to the Czech Republic in the first place. The last one isn't necessary if you'll simply be a tourist there. 


How Long You'll Wait 

Now, for the part a lot of you might be itching to know: how long do you have to wait for your visa application to be processed? The answer actually varies. Normally, it would be 15 days, whether you get approved or not. But if your objective for visiting the country is urgent, you can request for faster processing. But this might mean you have to pay more in terms of the application fee. Then there's the possibility of getting called in for an interview. Though this happens rarely, it's still a possibility. And that can prolong the processing time even further. 


Applying for a Visa to The Czech Republic


If you plan on visiting the Czech Republic, you'd do well in applying for a Schengen Visa directly for the country. You'll have an easier time entering the country if you do it this way than depending on anything else. 

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