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A Few Ways to Get a Job in Ireland

September 01, 2021
If you have any plans to live in Ireland, you should probably start with finding work there. Though normally, the only way to get move ther is if to already have a job waiting for you. But in the rare instance that you don't or you decide to look for a new one, how do you go about doing it? What are the ways in which people get employment in this country? are they easy to do? do you need to take some tests? Who are the people to talk to? Well, your questions will be answered by the info below!

A Few Ways to Get a Job in Ireland


EPIC in Dublin

More often than not, the only immigrant-related entity you have to worry about here in Ireland is its immigration office. They, after all, in charge of handling your Irish visa. But in terms of looking for a job, there's another you can rely on: EPIC. It's not exactly a government agency, but rather the Employment for People from Immigrant Communities is more or less a community that helps expat find respectable work here. More than just assist you in finding employment, they also offer advice on how to make your CV stand out, improving your job interview skills, and more. 


Getting Certified in Ireland

Let's say that your line of work required certification. It's not exactly your company that will do that for you. In this regard, you'll need to contact Qualifications Recognition Ireland to get the necessary documents to prove your qualifications in your chosen field. Though it may seem like a hassle, it's imperative that you accomplish this, whether you're already employed or not. In the case of the former, it legalizes your work and won't put you at risk of losing your job. While in the case of the latter, it will improve your chances of getting hired or starting a business yourself here in Ireland. 


A Few Ways to Get a Job in Ireland


Popular Job-seeking Websites in Ireland

Thank goodness for the internet! Because of the digital landscape, finding a job has become much easier to do. You can now just go to a job-seeking website, put in your industry and the specific position you're looking for, and see which jobs are available for it. If you find a job post that interests you, you can message the company, send in our CV and cover letter, and wait for their reply. It's as simple as that. You'll have more chances of getting hired through the internet than through other means. And the most popular sites in Ireland are Career Builder, Irish Jobs, Jobs Ireland, LinkedIn, Indeed, and more. 


Use Social Media

Speaking of the internet, social media has also become a good avenue for job hunting. Though here, instead of looking for companies advertising their latest open job posts, it's you who'll have to sell yourself. This is mostly applicable to artists who can post images of their work online. Whether you're a photographer who took a stunning snapshot of a Dublin neighborhood or you're a designer tweeting about how a celebrity has bought your clothes, the possibilities of (literally) selling yourself online is endless. The more you post, the bigger your chances are of getting noticed and, eventually getting employed. 


A Few Ways to Get a Job in Ireland


Enlisting Help from Irish Recruitment Agencies

If you can't manage to find employment online, there are still a number of Recruitment Agencies in Ireland that can help. What's so good about them is that they'll do all the work for you. All you have to do is tell them about yourself, your skills, your abilities, give them a copy of your CV, and they'll do everything else. They will look everywhere to find you the right company with the right position. And their matches are more often accurate too. And don't think you can just register with just one agency. You can ask multiple agencies to help you out to improve your chances. 


Irish Newspapers Still Help

Finally, when all else fails, there's still the trusty newspaper! Yep, here in Ireland, companies still post about their latest job openings in the paper. They realize that, while the internet has become the new and more common "want ads section," there are still many people who don't exactly have access to it. At least, with the newspaper, it reaches everyone. Because it's a trusty source of employment as well, you might even have better chances here than in the other mediums. A few good ones include The Irish Times, The Irish Independent, The Evening Herald, and many more. 


A Few Ways to Get a Job in Ireland


Here in Ireland, looking for a job may not be a walk in the park, but it's not impossible either! Fortunately, there are many ways and avenues in which you can look for employment and find the right position and company! 

A luxurious Irish home will be one of your best rewards for working hard and earning a lot from your job here in Ireland. So go on and look for one already!