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Understanding the Crime Rate in Bangkok

August 26, 2021
Let's face it, as great a city as Bangkok is, it's not exactly the safest place in the world. But there's no need to worry. Practically all capital cities in the world are a little bit dangerous. It can't be helped. More often than not, a country's capital is one of its busiest and most populated cities. Bangkok is no exception. Expect there to be areas where you'd do well to avoid and people who are out to make trouble. But before you dismiss the Thai capital as a city you shouldn't visit and explore, it's better to understand its crime rate first.

Understanding the Crime Rate in Bangkok


Bangkok's Current Crime Rate

The good news is Bangkok's current crime rate is at a moderate 42.28%. Not exactly the lowest out there, but it's definitely one of the lower ones a sfar as capitla citites are cocnerend. And this is a major silver lining as many Southeast Asian citites in general are unfairly regarded as unsafe. Een Bangkok's rate of increasing crimes over the past few years is at a moderate 58.88%. All of this means that the Thai capital really isn't as dangerous as many might think. though one still has to be careful navigating it all alone. 


Crimes with the Highest Rates Right Now

To be more specific, which crimes have the highest rate here in Bangkok? Corruption & bribery take the top spot with 83.18%. that's already considered very high and should be a cause for alarm for those who want to do business here. though the silver lining is it's not exactly a violent crime that will physically hurt people, it can affect many in other ways. From that, the crime with the second highest rate in the Thai capital is drug-dealing at 53.21%. Unfortuantely, drugs remain a big problem in Southeast Asia at large. Be wary of people trying to sell you weird substances in the street. 


Understanding the Crime Rate in Bangkok


Look Out for These Crimes Also

Aftr drug-dealing, the third most common crimes in Bangkok are vandalism and theft. Both have a combined crime rate of 43.52%. With the Thai capital the tourist hotspot that it is, there are many pickpockets ready target unsuspecting visitors. And while the rate itself is low, it's still a point of concern, especially for tourists. After that, with a crime rate of 40..04%, home burglary is the fourth most common crime here. If ever you plan on living in Bangkok and owning your own home hre, try to go for a safer neighborhood in the city


Staying Safe While Exploring the City

Still, as with many other major cities in the world, a big question remains: is it safe to walk around in Bangkok? According to Numbeo, it is. And this comes as a bit of a surprise considering that Bangkok is quite known for having quite the nightlife, a hug part of which isn't exactly family friendly. But during the day, it's 78.60% safe to explore the city. it's comparatively higher than in many other cities. Though it helps that Bangkok has very efficient public transport. Meanwhile, at night, the safety rate drops to 55.53% which is pretty moderate. 


Understanding the Crime Rate in Bangkok


Areas to Avoid in Bangkok

Bangkok is a pretty big city. As there are many places worth visiting that are safe, there are still those that you're better off avoiding. Patpong is one of them. This is the type of palce that contributes to the Thai capital's unfairly given and unearned seedy reputation. The area looks straight out of a Grand Theft Auto video game. The same goes for Khao San Road. Though the famous street is worth exploring, you'd do well to do so with company. This isn't a place you're safe walking all alone. The same goes for Soi Cowboy, another sketchy red light district in Sukhumvit. 


A Few Tips to Stay Safe

No matter where you go in Bangkok, you always have to stay vigilant. Ensure that all your belongings are safely secured in your bag or pockets and look out for those pickpockets. Try not to travel all alone at night here in the Thai capital, most especially if you're a woman. And if you're a man, going to some lively streets might get you noticed by sex workers, many of which tend to be aggressive. Stand your ground and politely decline their offers of a "good time" if you're not into that. Finally, beware of scam artists among taxi and tuk-tuk drivers. Learn how to haggle to get a fair price. 


Understanding the Crime Rate in Bangkok


Don't miss the chance to explore Bangkok just because you think it might be too dangerous a city. In truth, the Thai capital is actually a safe place overall. There are just only a few bad areas and a few bad people committing crimes. But all cities have them! 

If you really want to avoid crime here, go for a luxurious Bangkok apartment for your accommodation here. The areas they're in are generally the safer ones.



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