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The Healthcare System of Thailand

August 25, 2020
Why Thailand is considered such a paradise? Though it's as busy as any other country out there, it almost seems as if it's the most relaxing part of the world. That even amidst all the normal chaos, you can still find serenity and peace of mind here. If you can't wrap your head around that, just think of the solemn temples in Bangkok, rising proudly yet silently against the bustling metropolis of the Thai capital. Possibly a good reason why Thailand feels like a paradise is that it also has an efficient healthcare system that ensures the well-being of everyone in the country.

The Healthcare System of Thailand


The Availability of Healthcare in Thailand

The first question in your mind when it comes to Thailand's healthcare system is probably if you can access it, right? Well, if you're a citizen or resident of the country, you can. While the Southeast Asian nation operates on a universal healthcare system, only those legally allowed to live here are given this right. And this rings true to everyone, even expats who moved here to work. They too can access Thailand's public healthcare as well as welcome to get their own private coverage if they prefer. For mere visitors, on the other hand, they're better off getting travel medical insurance to get coverage here. 


The Country's Universal Coverage Scheme

Overseen by Thailand's Ministry of Public Health, the country's healthcare system offers free public coverage for all citizens and residents. They've even caled it it the Universal Coverage Scheme (USC). Those working and earning in Thailand fund this system through taxes, normally deducted from their paychecks already every month. This ensures that the USC continues to run smoothly and that all medical facilities and services on offer are paid for and will be made available. Though the system itself is held in high regard around the world, its coverage does have its limits, especially when compared to private insurance plans. 


The Healthcare System of Thailand


Getting Private Healthcare

While the USC can still get people ample medical services, many in Thailand have opted to have private insurance instead. Some even got theirs on top of their public coverage. Though it's usually more expensive than the latter, private health insurance does a lot of perks, from access to more and better Thai hospitals to granting priority when it comes to treatments. Ultimately, public coverage can only get a patient so far. Its limits have proven to be problematic for many patients out there, especially those in need of special care. While with private insurance, the benefits are more than helpful. 


Thai Pharmacies 

What public and private healthcare both provide, on the other hand, is access to proper medication. They even grant you subsidized rates for certain drugs that may prove to be too expensive. Fortuantely, you can get anything and everything you need in the many pharmacies in the country. Though they're a lot more common in urban areas, you can still find a few in the more rural parts of Thailand. More often than not, pharmacies are connected to hospitals, making it easier to get medicine especially when you're confined. And don't worry, most professionals who manage these places are able to speak English, albeit just a little. 




Emergency Hotlines You Need to Know

Possibly the most common thing about most healthcare systems around the world is that emergency services are available for everyone, regardless of his/her legal status in th said country. Here in Thailand, it's no different. If you're in need of an ambulance or paramedics, even if you're just a visitor, you can still call for them. Though it's important to note that Thailand does have different hotlines. For medical emergencies, it's 1669. If you want the police to get involved, dial 191. And for foreign expats living and working in Thailand, their special medical emergency hotline is 1155. 


The Most Common Health Problems in Thailand

Here in Thailand, there are common health problems that most people are at risk of contracting. Since mosquitoes are all too common in Southeast Asia, people who are here are at risk of contracting mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria or dengue. With this i mind, make sure you take necessary rpecautions to shield your skin from being bitten by these creatures. Furthermore, in the bigger cities of Thailand, of which the capital city of Bangkok is a good example, you can expect there to have heavy air pollution. If you yourself have respiratory problems, they can get worse in such conditions. 


The Healthcare System of Thailand


Out of all the countries in the world. Thailand's healthcare system ranks fairly well and is highly regarded as one of the finest. If you have plans of going to this country, it's better that you understand it more and know how you can get in on the action. 

Access to the country's healthcare system means you can save a ton of money when it comes to medical services. And with that in mind, you'd do well in investing your money in a luxurious Thai home as your accomodtion here.