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The Best Brussels International Schools to Look Into

August 23, 2021
It's no secret that when it comes to school, London practically has every other European city beat. However, this isn't to say that other major capitals don't have a few surprises up their sleeves, particularly Brussels. The Belgian capital is already a global city in of itself, one that welcomes many people from around the world to stay and live in. It's only natural that the city caters to its diverse residents with schools that are internationally recognized and even accredited. So if you're looking for your kid's next school for when you move here, these are a few institutions worth looking into.

The Best Brussels International Schools to Look Into


Brussels American School

From kindergarten to grade 12, your kid will practically grow up in the Brussels American School if you enroll him/her here. Operating on an American curriculum, you can expect that this institution will teach your little one the value of hard work. All students have to work diligently to earn all the credits they need to graduate with a certified American diploma, one that can help them enter the finest universities in the USA for their higher education. Beyond that, however, the Brussels American School instills a sense of worth in many of their students. That their hard work will be justly rewarded at the end of the day. 


Scandinavian School of Brussels

While Scandinavia isn't exactly known for its educational system, the Scandinavian School of Brussels has certainly proven its worth as a great school. Its particular highlight is the fact that students get to learn different curricula from the region, from Swedish & Finnish to Danish and Icelandic. Though there are certain differences between each one, all teach the students according to the International Baccalaureate standard. So you know the quality of education they'll receive here is undoubtedly high. Not to mention the different languages and dialects they'll be taught at in this school. Here, they shape future global citizens with international understanding. 


The Best Brussels International Schools to Look Into


SHAPE International School

The SHAPE International School in Brussels isn't exactly open to all foreign nationals living in the Belgian capital. An affiliate institution with the NATO military, the American-led school is reserved for military families and civilian employees living in the city. The name of the school actually means "Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe," which itself should tell you how important an institution this is. But beyond its military background, this isn't exactly a boot camp for the kids who'll be going here. They provide the same high-quality American education that kids in the USA receive, allowing students to retain an American sensibility even whilst in Belgium. 


St John’s international

A well-respected British institution, St. John's International School in Brussels is undoubtedly one of the finest in the city. Catering to 56 nationalities, it's International Baccalaureate system provides high-quality education that th whole world recognizes. Moreover, the campus alone proves its valuable worth as an international school. St. John's International School boasts some of the best sports and arts facilities in the Belgian capital. They provide the necessary and appropriate space for students to excel in either athleticism. artistry, or even both. Through this, the institution is able to approach educating the students in a more holistic sense, with the focus solely on them and their development.  


The Best Brussels International Schools to Look Into


The British School of Brussels

While most schools center their philosophies on the development of their students. the British School of Brussels takes it a step further. Make no mistake, this fine institution still focuses heavily on the growth of their students and helps them realize their true potential. But on the other hand, they also prepare them for the road ahead, which often means university. Notably, this school offers three routes that can get them to any university or college they want anywhere in the world. There are the A-Levels, the IB Diploma and BTEC vocational courses in Business, Hospitality, and Sport. 


The French International School of Brussels

Offering bilingual education—French and English—The French International School of Brussels aims to teach its students according to European standards. Don't get it wrong, they do operate with the International Baccalaureate curriculum, but in terms of helping the young ones grow and develop, they do things differently than in British or American-led international institutions. The environment and the approach here remain intrinsically European, furthering a global mindset and a strong sense of international understanding that can lead to fine world citizens. In the end, the students' minds would be more open and more curious, challenged to see the world in different lights. 


The Best Brussels International Schools to Look Into


Brussels is a great city for many reasons, not the least of which are the fine international schools that are found here. All students, be they local or foreign, will be given proper and undeniably high-quality education in any of these institutions. 

Of course, if you're enrolling your young one into any of these schools, it's only natural that you pick a luxurious Brussels place to continue that high-quality way of life at home!





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