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Some Ways to Get a Job in Belgium

August 23, 2021
For many people out there, getting to work in Europe is the height of success. Or a fresh new beginning that can, hopefully, lead to success. Either way, working in Europe seems to be tantamount to success, one way or another. So it's no wonder why so many people are bent on finding employment here. And while many focus on France, Italy, Spain, Germany, and the like, Belgium seems to be underrated in this area. Yet in fact, getting a job here is a lot more manageable than in those aforementioned nations. At least, there are multiple ways of finding a job here.

Some Ways to Get a Job in Belgium


Rely on EURES

For those who are already EU citizens, one of the most reliable ways of finding a job in Belgium is through EURES or the European Job Mobility Portal. Part of the European Commission, this entity assists citizens of EU countries to find employment in other nations, thereby strengthening the European Economic Area upon which the Union resides. The process is easy—just upload your CV unto the online portal and find a job there. More than looking for potential employers, the EURES also provide help in moving to a different country (including Belgium) legally. It's one of the most useful entities on this list. 


Go to a Networking Organization

Networking is undoubtedly a great way to help you land a job, even here in Belgium. You never really know who might be able to help you or who has the right connections to get you started on your career. But beyond just keeping all the contacts you make, Belgians take it up a notch and actually set up various organizations so you can make the right connections integral to your chose industry. A few great networking organizations here include European Professionals Network, the British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium, and Professional Women International (PWI), among many others. You'd do well in joining them and making contacts there. 


Some Ways to Get a Job in Belgium

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Employment Services in Belgium per Region

While Belgium isn't exactly the biggest country in the world, it is made up of a diverse set of regions. And the differences between each one range from spoken language to even industries that operate there. So to make finding a job easier for locals and foreign workers alike here, the country set up an employment service for each region. In the capital city of Brussels—arguably the busiest city in the country—there's Actiris. For the Walloon region, there's Le Forem. The German-speaking Community of Belgium has ADG. The VDAB is for the Flanders region. And ONEM is the national employment service for all residents of the country. 


Job-Seeking Websites

Of course, as with everything else these days, there's still the internet. As the world becomes more and more reliant and ever-present on the digital landscape, finding jobs online has undoubtedly become the norm. Practically most people find jobs online nowadays. In fact, the other ways of finding a job already listed previously have their own digital platforms. But there are, even in Belgium, signature websites where most people rely on when looking for employment. The most famous include LinkedIn, Indeed, BrusselsJobs, Jobs in Brussels, and Xpatjobs (for workers from overseas). You'll likely find your next job from any of these sites and more! 


Some Ways to Get a Job in Belgium


Seek Help from Recruitment Agencies

Belgium also has many great recruitment agencies that can help you out. Commonly, many employers in the country rely on these agencies' help in providing them the best workers for their companies. Since they're professional at it, most recruiters here have promising track records in pairing up people with the right position in the right company. So if you seek out their help, they'll most likely land you a position that befits your specific set of skills and qualifications. Ultimately, the best agencies to go for here in Belgium include Hudson, Manpower Belgium, and Adecco, among many others. 


Give Out Applications Yourself

For the most part, many companies and employers out there appreciate initiative in their employees the most. They like the fact that their workers are more than eager to help the business move forward. And if you want certain employers to find that quality in you, you can show it as early as your job application. Send your CV and cover letter to your preferred company, even when they don't have a job opening at the moment. The worst that will happen is that they'll ignore your application altogether. But the best possibility? You might just get hired on the spot out of sheer luck! 


Some Ways to Get a Job in Belgium


As long as you have perseverance and you know what you're getting into, finding a job in Belgium isn't as challenging as you might initially think. At the very least, there's a lot of ways to choose from and any of them can work for you! 

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