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What to Know About the Crime Rate in Athens

August 19, 2021
Athens may be one of the best cities in the world where you can be wild and carefree in, but just like in other places, it's better you remain careful. Why? Because the Greek capital isn't exactly the safest city in the world. This isn't to say it's the most dangerous, but unless you have your own bodyguard to protect you, it's better that you protect yourself as much as you can. Athens still sees crime just like any other major city. It's not immune to it; no city ever is. But it's better that you're familiar with the city's crime rate to better understand the safety here.

What to Know About the Crime Rate in Athens


What's the Crime Rate in Athens Now?

When it comes to questioning the safety of a city, you first have to know the crime rate there. Here in Athens, the current crime rate is 52.63%. Pretty moderate within general standards but comparatively higher than those of other cities in other countries. So what does this mean? Since it's pretty moderate, it means Athens isn't that dangerous a city to visit or even move to. However, people here should still be careful as crimes are still being committed and you can never tell when it will suddenly affect you personally. Always be vigilant whilst here in Athens. 


What Crimes Currently have the Highest Rates?

To be more specific, the crimes that most people should watch out for here in Athens are corruption & bribery. They both have a combined rate of 75.35%, the highest in the city. This is perhaps part of the reason why Greece was hit particularly hard by the 2009 economic recession and, to this day, the country still finds it difficult to bounce back. With a crime rate of 74.74%, vandalism & theft are also widely common in Athens, You'll see it in the sketchier areas in the city, where they look far from the Mediterranean paradise you usually see in movies, TV series, and on social media. 


What to Know About the Crime Rate in Athens


What Crimes Should You Still Expect in Athens?

The crime with the third-highest rate here in Athens is drug-dealing, with a moderate 57.11%. Now, this can affect you even before you realize it. You might think you're buying something fun off of a street vendor, but the little do you know, it's actually some illegal and possibly even lethal substance. As much as you can, stick to boutiques and souvenir shops when shopping in the Greek capital. Moreover, car theft is also pretty common in Athens, with a moderate rate of 53.96%. If you bought a vehicle here, make sure to park and store them in places you'll know they'll be safe. 


How Safe is it to Walk Around Athens?

A city like Athens seems like the perfect place to walk around. To experience the lively and colorful local life. To see the amazing sights that have helped the Greek capital earn its immense popularity. And to see the many relics of the ancient civilization. But how safe exactly is strolling around Athens? Well, according to number, it's approximately 74.95% safe to walk around Athens during the day. Though at night, the safety rate drops to a moderate 44.72%. This means you're better off staying in whilst in Athens and just leave the exploring to when the sun is out. 


What to Know About the Crime Rate in Athens


Which are The Most Dangerous Areas in Athens? 

While Athens as a whole is a beautiful city, it can't be helped that there will be some areas you're better of avoiding. Most Athens neighborhoods are peaceful and homely, but some see a bit more crimes committed than others. Monastiraki, for instance, maybe the most traditional Greek of all the districts in the capital, but it's also, unfortunately, a major crime hotspot. It's the same with Larissa and Peloponissos as well, particularly near the railway stations of these areas. Glyfada and Syntagma, both tourist haves in Athens, are known territories for scam artists. Be aware of them when you're exploring these areas. 


What are Some Tips to Avoid Falling Victim to Crime Here?

As with any other city you travel to, it's important that you remain aware of your surroundings, But if, at times, you can't help it, it's better to wear travel gear that you can fasten tightly, making it difficult for pickpockets to steal from you without you noticing. A belt bag, for instance, is better to hold your money in despite its unfashionable appearance. And if you're a single woman traveling alone in Athens, always have a rape whistle with you. Draw as much attention to you as you can when it feels like someone is assaulting you or you realize you're about to be attacked. 


What to Know About the Crime Rate in Athens


Athens is more than the Mediterranean paradise you see in movies or on TV. This city just like any other out there, which means it sees its fair share of crime. But don't worry, for the most part, you can still enjoy your stay here safely! 

If you really want to avoid the crimes in the Greek capital, go for a luxurious Athens rental for your accommodation. They're usually nestled in the safe parts of the city.



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