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How The Job Market is Now in Greece

August 18, 2020
You've probably heard about how it's like to work in Greece. That this Mediterranean country, whilst still a perfect paradise for summer getaways, isn't exactly the best for people looking to find work in a different place. A lot has happened in the past few years with the global economy, and it's safe to say that Greece has experienced the brunt of it, at least in Europe. So it begs the question: how's the job market in this country now? The truth lies in the facts and the numbers. The more you know about Greece's job market now, the more you can see if you can work here yourself.

How The Job Market is Now in Greece


The Unemployment & Employment Rates in Greece

Of course, the first things you ought to know are the unemployment and employment rates of Greece right now. They're useful to gauge the current state of the job market of the country. Unfortunately, Greece's unemployment rate as of this moment is at 17.24%, one of the highest for a lot of countries right now. At the same time, the country's employment rate is at  83.06%, which is still commendable but not by much. With these figures, it's easy to assume that Greece has been hit quite hard by both the economic instability from a decade ago to today's COVID-19 pandemic. 


The Number of Jobs in Greece Now

Even more unfavorable news for Greece right now is that it lost quite a lot of jobs recently. Though it really doesn't come as much of a shock considering that most of the world saw a lot of jobs lost because of the recent pandemic. However, considering that Greece was never part of the top countries that were hit the hardest by pandemic, it's still a cause for concern for many. Specifically, Greece lost a total of 41,903 jobs according to the GreekReporter.com. Overall, in 2020, Greece lost 144,905 jobs in total. A stark contrast to last year which saw 43,373 jobs created. 


How The Job Market is Now in Greece


Greece's Biggest Industries

Despite what's happening in Greece and in the rest of the world now, there remain strong industries within the country that's worth looking into. One of that is Agriculture, which used to employ around 12% of the entire workforce in the country. Many might not realize it but Greece is actually a major agricultural producer in Europe, with millions of exports contributing to the nation's economy. Unsurprisingly, tourism is also huge in Greece since the Mediterranean territory is beloved as a summer getaway. And finally, with many parts of Greece remained untouched, mining is also a huge industry here. 


Sectors People can Still Work In

In terms of which sectors you're sure to find a lot of opportunities in, Greece still has some despite the current state of employment here. Firstly, there's the service sector, which is still high in demand. Why? Because tourism remains a strong industry in the country. Greece needs people to manage their hotels, resorts, and more so that visitors will have a good time here. Another sector that you can still work in that's comparatively less known is education. The country is importing as many teachers—English teachers especially—to help educate the nation's youth. 


How The Job Market is Now in Greece


What the Greek Economy is Facing Now

After all that has been said and done, it's important to ask: what is the Greek economy facing nowadays? At most, the country is still very much recovering from the 2009 recession. The country was one of those hit the hardest by this economic problem, resulting in an unstable (but now recovering) national economy in the past decade. Then, of course, the COVID-19 pandemic has halted a lot of industries and disrupted many operations in the country. Though the silver lining with this is that Greece was never part of those countries that became the epicenters of the pandemic. They'll find it easier to reopen the economy than other EU nations. 


Is Greece Still a Good Country for Employment?

The gist of this article is to ask if it's actually a good idea to work in Greece. And in a nutshell, the general answer is it depends on you. For the most part, most especially after Greece has fully recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic, the country still has a stable enough economy to welcome many foreign expats to work here. Though don't expect that most industries here are flourishing. A select few can guarantee you stable employment, but many others are still in quite tumultuous states. Still, the country is a nice place to move to anyways! 


How The Job Market is Now in Greece


Greece remains a mystery when it comes to being a good place for people to work in. As beautiful a getaway destination, this country is, actually moving here to work is a totally different matter entirely!

If you do end up moving and working here, a luxurious Greek place will be the best choice for your home here! There's no question about it!





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