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Getting a Job in Greece: How to Do It

August 18, 2020
Let's face it, Greece doesn't have the best job market out there. It can't be helped, some countries are simply worse off than others. But this isn't to say that Greece is not a good country to work in. Who won't want a chance to live in this paradise in the Mediterranean? Imagine it: when you're free on weekends or you have a few days off, you can simply go to any of the best coasts of the Greek islands and tan yourself silly on the white sandy beaches. However, you'll need to find a job here first!

Getting a Job in Greece: How to Do It


Stay Updated with Greece's Manpower Employment Organization

More often than not, the only way you can work in Greece is when you get a work visa. And to get granted one, you should've already had a local company hire you to help sponsor your move. But in the off chance you're able to move here without getting employed or your first employment her lets you go, you can always stand by Greece's Manpower Employment Organization (OAED). Their website often posts which industries within each Greek province are in need of new employees. And since most of the companies they feature are more or less certified, these are prime businesses indeed. 


Broaden Your Network

You've probably seen on movies and TV series of the stereotype that Greeks are very family-oriented people. They love family and often treat their friends as part of their clans. It's safe to say that the stereotype has merit, which means befriending locals when you move to Greece is a big must. Not only for forming great friendships and such, but any connection to make can actually help you with your career. Networks are a big deal in most places, and more often than not, they help in finding you suitable employment. Broaden and strengthen your personal network in Greece. 


Getting a Job in Greece: How to Do It


Online Job-Seeking Platforms

These days, arguably the most common way to seek employment is through online websites. Since most companies rely on technology and the internet nowadays, it's no surprise that such platforms can also help you actually get hired by a company. They act as the digital form of the newspapers' want ads, the difference being is that it's easier to contact employers through the internet. Instead of calling the business and letting them know of your interest to apply, you can directly send your CV and cover letter to the job posts themselves. A few popular job-seeking websites in Greece include LinkedIn, Indeed, Jobfind.gr, and more. 


Newspaper Want Ads Still Exist

If you still don't have luck with searching for a job online, you can always go old-school and look in the newspapers' want ads. Greece is undeniably a country that's traditional to a fault. This isn't to say they're not with the times, but rather there are some ways of doing things that just can't let go yet. This includes finding a job. Many companies in the country still rely on newspapers as their go-to platforms for posting job openings. And since most people have relied on the internet nowadays, you just might find better luck here than anywhere else! 


Getting a Job in Greece: How to Do It


Go to an Employment Agency

You might not know it yet, but Greeks also rely heavily on employment agencies as well. Sure, going on job-seeking websites seems easy enough and convenient enough to find you a job, but at times, you might not have the luck to really get yourself hired. At least, by going to an employment agency, they will help you find a job. And not just any ordinary job, a job that's most suitable for you. Since they're professionals at it, you can also expect that the jobs they'll find for you will definitely fit your skills, abilities, and capabilities. 


Always Be at Your Best

Finally, as long as you always present your best self, you'll have better chances to getting hired. What does this mean? For when you get called for an interview, make sure you dress well, act appropriately, and always be polite. You can show your enthusiasm for the company, but not too much that the interviewer gets turned off. Know how to balance your energy and distribute your focus on the important areas when presenting yourself as a potential employee for a business. When you do, you can expect you'll be one step closer to getting hired. 


Getting a Job in Greece: How to Do It


Don't worry, it's not exactly that difficult to find a job in Greece. Especially now that there are many other ways of seeking employment, some a lot easier than others. All you really need is a little luck to find the right job! 

When you do get hired, save a lot of your earnings so you can move to a luxurious Greek home. With all the hard work you'll put in, you'll deserve it!





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Zennova #2 mount athos & sea view

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